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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. If you are not going to delte a few PMs so I can send you one.... Will you give me your email???
  2. try to hit him up on aim......sorry to intrude.... just thought i'd add a suggestion though...
  3. That would work........but...........I don't have aim.....

    Thanks for the suggestion though!
  4. you'd think digit would clean out his PMs so he doesn't miss anything from mlh. He sure is one popular guy, tho.
  5. woops yeah, meant to do that....

    got stoned today for the first time for aaaages. stml kicked in again.

    ok... go for it dude, getting a few more deleted right now.
  6. lol, how many do you have to have before it maxes out?
  7. Thank you....

    I sent it to you!
  8. 300

  9. i no wear your commin from, me so lonely
  10. does anyone get to 300?
  11. only if you're in love and dont have ICQ, AIM or MSM.... but when you hit that 300, you get yo ass onto the issue of getting ICQ again pretty rapid.
    it takes alot of hard work saving and deleting all them PMs.

    Grasscity isn't a big PMy kinda place tho. vast majority of chatting gets done openly in public. its just the kinda people we generally are. a few one to ones happen tho. when thei' needed.

  12. Most other forums are real hardasses about the PM thing..they lock threads and delete them if you make a thread like this one. Here not really anyone seems to care too much, which is very cool. (Not like I do it that much anyway ;))
  13. I'm up into the 70's counting the messages I sent to others, coincidentally Digit's the one that brought the number from 69 to 70, it was on my favorite number for weeks until that :(
  14. DAMN! :(

    sorry man. and it was such a pointless little pm too. mighta not been so bad if it was worthwhile huh. .... well, i suppose i should be thankfull that i broke the 69 of with you rather than start it. :p ;) :D

  15. You and Bud Head 69'ed each other, this thread is starting to get vulgar. Maybe it needs to go to Pandora's box.

  16. Don't judge us by yuor habitssss......... lol

    We know how you really are......Brother.......

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