Digit the snake??

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  1. Today my boyfriend Fred, DarkMatter36, and I went to a local park to feed the ducks, seeing as DM had half an hour before he had to go to work, so we were going to smoke a joint and kill some time. We were walking towards the lake when my BF said "What the fuck...a worm!" We looked closer and realized it was a tiny snake. DM freaks out saying "I'm gonna take him home!!"...so even though he only has about 20 minutes before he has to go to work (he's not even dressed for it yet) he decides to go to the pet store to buy stuff for his new pet. I waited in the car b/c I was kinda tired...and waited...and waited. Finally, after DM was already 5 minutes late for work, they come back out with both of their arms full of stuff for this snake...DM spent over $70 for a snake he found 15 minutes before...LOL. On our way to take DM to work, we smoked the joint I mentioned earlier, and he gave the snake the best shottie I've ever seen anyone get (human or animal :p)...we got that snake so high!

    So I asked him what he was going to name the snake, and we couldn't decide....when all of a sudden, DM says "We should name him Digit!"...we all agreed on it (well, my BF agreed only because we did, he doesn't know who Digit is)...we decided Digit was an awesome name for the snake, b/c the snake is a stoner already, and we both think Digit is super cool. (He made my new nifty avatar :D)

    I just wanted to tell everyone about DM's new pet...soon I might post pics as soon as we get some of him.

    EDIT- spelling errors
  2. good story...lol, I love stoners who are late for work buying a bunch of junk for a little critter type thing they found in the wildlife, determined to make it a pet, naming it after a stoner city buddy. lol, thats great!
  3. Here are some pics of Digit and Me.
    <image src="http://members.fortunecity.com/aragorn5/Digit1.jpg">

    <image src="http://members.fortunecity.com/aragorn5/Digit2.jpg">

    <image src="http://members.fortunecity.com/aragorn5/Digit3.jpg">
  4. lol the snake better be very clever and philisophical :)

    i... i... i dunno what to say....

    hey, btw... am i the only one who cant see the pics? they are just three fortunecity images.
  6. This is a great story!! Makes me want to go get a new pet and name it after a City member!! And Digit, I can see the pictures ok, how about everyone else?
  7. what kinda snake is it?
  8. a ganja snake ;) heehee.
    no but seriously, yeah lets hear more about the snake (i still cant see it btw)

    as well as namesake, can i be it's "godfather" lol
  9. is it good at polls? ;)
  10. hey.... i gotta see that snake... can someone repost the pics of something so i can see them.

    i cant have a snake with the same name as me and me not be able to see it!

  11. We think it's a garter snake....we're not exactly sure. But here's the pics for you, Digit!

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  12. Pic #2

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  13. Pic #3

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  14. i used to have garters!! i 've had 24 altogether(they bred!) Has it got a stripe down its back? if so its either a garter or a ribbon, Snakes rule!
  15. I SEE DIGIT! :D thnx hempress.
    quite a hadsome little fella. ;) the snake that is.

  16. His namesake is nothing to shake a stick at, either ;)

  17. although sticks have been shaken in the past. lol

    hehe, does anyone see a resembelance between me and Digit?


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  18. I have sad news for everybody....Digit died the other day.

    Let's say a few words for him

    Oh Digit, we hardly knew ye....[​IMG]
  19. he had a good life.
    if all the other snakes could have seen him in his last days they would have been so jelous of adventures of his life. so few snakes achieved so much as digit did.
    lets hope that digit is remembered in history as one of the great snakes. maybe even to recieve the title "the great snake digit". long will the memory live on.... unless stml kicks in.

    throught sadness, we can find great joy in celebrating what has come to pass.

    hail the great snake digit!
  20. that is so sad :( i hate it when animals die, they are so innocent! i bet he went to snake heaven and is with lots of lady snakes and plenty of grasshoppers to eat, because he was just a little guy..

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