Digit the Nomad returns

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Nov 26, 2002.



  1. i dunno.

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  2. maybe.

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  3. doubtful.

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  4. probably.

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  5. could be.

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  6. would be.

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  7. shouldn't be.

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  8. will be later.

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  9. was earlier, but no more.

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  10. wha?

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  1. Hey folks. I'm back. Breifly. I'm on holiday in the states visiting my bro, my sis-inlaw, and my little new nefew "Jordan". I just thought i'd drop in and say hi whilst i still have internet access.

    My website, is crap basically. It hasn't changed since i uploaded it. there are no larger images to veiw and also the 400x300 pix aint compressed so take ages, and i think the guestbook went down. anyways enough of the negative... Soon (probably january) I'm going to move to a residence that has a constant internet conection and the site WILL recive regular updates and.... (here's the bit i like the best) I have plans and proposals beyond their own, as yet to be unveiled, concerning a certain little website that has a forum and a shop and the exact same market base that i'm going for. ;)

    and yup, i'm still as long winded and surreal as ever! :D

    I notice a few changes in the City. i'll have a look aound after i post this.

    I hope all the regular blades (do we still use that term?) still frequent the City, and many more i asume are joining every week.
  2. YAY!!!!!!! Our Poll Master hath returned!!!!!!!!!

    You have really been missed, Digit! I don't know how we have fuctioned without you. You be as long winded and surreal as you can be because it wouldn't be the same if you weren't!

    Congratulations on the new nephew! You must be an excited Uncle, right now! Where in the States are you? Good luck on getting the website back like it should be with your new plans. Definitely let us know what's going on!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. harhar. yeah that one was a little too vague.. but hey! gimme a chance i only just got back. dont expect the poll that will answer the greatest questions of existance and the universe the moment i get back... i need to build up to that. ;)

    this is scary. everyone looks differant now. no longer are peoples avatars what i associate as them... i mean.... what the heck happened to your face woody? you look like you were trying to lick the inside of a meat grinder!!!
  4. well rumjil (well that's how i always say your name in my head), being an uncle is the best acheivement of my life. I gained another rank (title?) in the family and i didn't have to do squat! :D hehe, yeah its great, spend most of my time staring at the little fella.... he's so cute, and so well behaved.

    Raymond NH
  5. You mentioned that you noticed some changes.....let me just go ahead and warn you before you really dive into the posts.....everyone needs to get laid......so, take that into consideration when you read some of the threads. Most of the sex stuff is with Pandora but we have one infamous thread that has yet to be placed in the Box.

    Anyway....get to Poll Mastering! I can't vote because my voting privileges have been revoked....LOL....but I still want to see what you come up with. I would really dig it if we could get one of those existance questions answered today!!!!!!

  6. Be careful , Digit.....he's tricking you!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    Rumjil....cute....I like that!
  7. "everyone needs to get laid......so, take that into consideration when you read some of the threads. Most of the sex stuff is with Pandora but we have one infamous thread that has yet to be placed in the Box. "

    Hhahahahaha... i think i know what your on about... i'm reading it all right now...

    and to think that i forsook religion a long time ago.... what have i been missing!!??????????????????

    lets go to church! ;)
  9. That guy in your avatar makes me think of Moby Digit, oh, and welcome back even though I just kind of remember you (still somewhat new around here).
  10. be carefull in the church...it gets a little slipperie in there at times...
  11. yay! i missed the polls man! good to see you again!
  12. Welcome back and congrats on the new edition to your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i decided to get off my ass and make my own avatar!! lmao..dontcha like it?
  14. Hey digit :D Hope you're feelin good, and congrats on the new addition!

    Norm, you have the THIRD best av on the board!!

    It was second, but then I saw Woody's new av and it made me giggle, so it beats yours.

    In first place though, is Cottons, simply because he managed to combine NuBBs scary Ice Cream Man with his own scary piercing man, who strangly enough I have met.....

    It's shocking when you actually meet the man who somebody has used as their avatar......
  15. yeah..well..sooo!

    it was my idea!...so...YARRRRRRRR~~~~~~
  16. what av are we talking about?
  17. Welcome home, my wayward son.

    Now you can be like that overplayed song by Kansas and.........

    Carry On!
  18. I was just saying to myself "its been a while since ive seen a digit poll", good to here your good words friend. :)


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