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Digit,Prometheous,BudHead,you rock!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sevenleafcowboy, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. Thank you for your response to my political views, man we are in a pickle huh?I did some reading in newyork times on mj referendoms last month they gave the survey of 85% of americans smoke! but the survey was actualy performend by school,go figure! norml also suports this number It's time for reform across the board, not just mj laws there are so many injustests against the american people it is stagaring! Rape of a nation! THE PRESIDENT IS A PUPPET!!/SPOKES PERSON FOR BIG GOVERNMENT AND ORGANIZED CRIME WHICH IS THE GOVERNMENT!! I would like at this time to say that we need a new government and a president that will listen and do what the majority (people! not big business and Insurance companies!) I would like to cast my vote for DIGIT! FOR PRESIDENT'' ! WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU GUYS! the expanded mind thinks of greater horizons and resolves on a higher plane and see's the out come of grandure ..... the sand really is just about gone.... when no one stands behind you its time to stand behind... If the people do not support you then you need to support the people! ... concider the lillies..............
  2. yeah the government sucks 24inch cock.... hehe i said the number 24 because i was looking up 24inch spoke rims for my moms jeep a few min ago..... anyways, well there isn't much we can do about it but bitch, but if thats whut you want to do bitch away.
  3. Your welcome. [​IMG]

    Our government changing would be great. I guess we can keep dreaming cause it won't happen anytime soon...
  4. A little more information about our govt.

    They spend 695 billion dollars to collect 587 billion dollars in income taxes. now where in the hell does that make sense?
    To make up for the differance they have AUDITS. If you are in buisness and have an audit, even if your books are in perfect order, they charge you 2500-8000 dollars for the audit. Now thats fucked up.

    If i could only run my buisness that way! Charge more just because i need more money. Make you pay me for a service you do not need or want!!

    Another question for ya'll!

    What do they do with the drugs they get in drug bust and etc.....? Do they sell it to other people? Use it themselves? Give it to the Mob?

    What is your guess????
  5. woah!... holy whastists! aaaaargh!!! oh my sweet mutha of nature! icarumnba! and many other words of suprise astonishment and other possitive things all rarely heard and mostly made up on the spot, most of which cannot even be spelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that..."I would like to cast my vote for DIGIT! FOR PRESIDENT'' ! WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU GUYS! " is with out a shadow of a doubt the highest regard i have ever been held in anyone's eyes (asuming u truelly believe i could be US president)... and all this from a few words typed on a forum! heck u should hear the stuff i come out with when i'm too stoned to come to the keyboard! unfortunately u gotta be a US citizen to run for government... and i really don't think i could go through all the pledjin alliegence to the flag... the constitution, i got no problem with. but flags are a sign of patriotism, and patriotism is the path that leads to zenophobia, racism and a f*cked up superiority complex.

    oh, heck.... why not. If i were president of the most powerfull nation in the world, i'd soon sort a few thing out. Right... first thing on my agenda would be the people by my side. i havn't quite sussed out what roles u'd all fill but the following would definately be there... sevenleaf, prometheus, namron, superjoint, nubbin ( if he changed his avatar:) ), ganjaphish (as long as she kept her avatar as hobbes), budhead, littlewing, zonedude, amanitta, both the LaLa couple, and probably a few others i forgot.

    i've long known that giant capitalists were corrupt... people on the news are reporting it as if its something suprising...

    only thing suprising about it is that it has taken so long for something to be done.
  6. AND GANJACAT!!! heck how couldi have forgot him.

    he'd really set things right!

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