Digit I never realised..

Discussion in 'General' started by Mighty Joe Bong, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. That you're one half of the Chemical Brothers :D


    Yeah it's late and i'm stoned..
  2. i've got into a few fancy dress parties that way.

    my mates all dressed up in some crazy getup, me walking along normally.

    bouncers on the door look over at us and clock me, they get a look of "you're not getting in, not a chance.... no fancy dress", but then three steps away from the door and i put the hair down, change my glasses, viola! transfomation! i become one half of chem bro, and i get into the club with the bouncers in stitches. :D

    but he got his hair cut. :(

    i cant use that one anymore....

    so now its gotta be either a bow and arrow and some elven threads, or i need a big sparkly robe and a keyboard to be ric wakeman. :D hehe.
  3. he is!!!

  4. I was gonna post a picture of Devin Townsend that looks a lot like you, but I was told that I've already done so. In the "Shoddy Digit Clone" thread apparently. Go find it if you're in the mood for a chuckle.
  5. i say Yes have had the best keyboard player ever, the best singer and also a strong contender of the best guitar player ever in steve howe.

    i have yet to get any of meester wakeman's solo stuff in my collection.

  6. Devin is the man, I got to shake his hand last May. Digit, you should be happy! ..::eek:ff to find Shoody Digit Clone thread::..

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