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Digging Holes for Guerrilla Grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Euphoric Toker, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. So I went out to my plot and dug a few holes. The next day I came back and Most of the holes have a 2" diameter puddle at the bottom. The native soil is very clay-y, but I'm filling all the holes with a quality soil mix. And one of them is about halfway filled with water.

    Will these puddles cause a problem with drainage?
    How can I drain the hole with a lot of water?

    I really just went crazy with digging, what is the approximate D x W of a 10 gallon hole?
  2. I had the same thing, but it was raining all week. has there been much rain? the water left my holes after a few days of it being sunny
  3. 30"wX16"deep

    Its not unusual this time of year to have water stand in a hole. Its cold so the water doesnt evaporate and the soil is usually already saturated. Things will be very different in june. Its actually a good sign that the native soil retains moisture and wont drain to much.
  4. Thank you clodhopper
  5. Damn , im planing to dig holes as well . Ill also do guerrilla style growing :)
    Gl and hope u wont have visitors i guess . Ill start with 14 automazar lowriders for a start .
  6. Dude that's like the best news ever. Just use a raised bed (bottomless tote) and forget to ever water that spot... The trick is to have 50 cms (20 inches) above the water level about so the root ball stays above water level but the roots can drink on their own. I mainly grow that way...
  7. yeah you could dig a little deeper and put some gravel at the bottom of the hole. I have also seen great results from burying a bag of soil and planting directly in that with a few holes poked in the bottom, Guerrilla Hydro
  8. In last year's thread, I dug 6 feet just to hit the water table, then filled it up peat lime perlite ferts and that's it. If you hit the table and your spot is stealthy and sunny, it's the best way to grow imo.
  9. I head for the hills so its majik springs im lookin 4. Or you can always dig in a water trench.
  10. Yep exactly. I use springs way up back in the mountains too. As long as they have access to water and are elevated... :smoke:
  11. well there is a creek with flowing water next to my plot. But No watering is intriguing. Can you explain some more? Thanks for the input.:smoke:
  12. You hit the water table ok?
    So place a bottomless tote over that (empty bucket) fill with soil mix and see ya.
  13. I will only speak if tortured...
  14. I pm'd you for details. Cool man!

  15. Thanks man!:smoke:
  16. Yo eurphoric are you canadian? cause up here our ground is still frozen... I'm also curious about this no-watering tote. At my plot it has a small stream running very close, there is lots of cat tails here could I use the totes in the cat tails potentially?

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