Diffusior Beads Question

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by JoeMucha, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Do they actually work and will they work with my bong. idk how well they work with attachments. helix 6 arm pro cooler to a diffused down-stem with a 5 arm honey comb perc
  2. I have them in my room beaker bottom t like the bong you have, it's just hard cause you need so many to slightly fill up the bottom of it, but they work good and there cool nothing special

  3. do you think they would work good with my attachments tho
  4. I'd be careful with it in the attatchments, I've gotten a bead stuck in my perculator and it was a bitch to remove. Don't buy the branded beads though, airsoft BBs do the same job for like a tenth of the price.

  5. not putting in attachments only in the beaker
  6. Diffusor beads don't do fuck all but waste your time and money. And why do you have a butt plug on your bong LOL
  7. if you want a smoother hit, drain some of that water...its way to full

  8. there was ice in it and it melted lol

  9. haha good.
    i was afraid you put that much water in there.

    honestly if you want it to hit smoother, i would loose those attachments.
    i mean that thing has really nice diffusion action on it.
    virtually a diffused downstem, in a diffused downstem.

    the perc & helix thing are just creating drag.

  10. well perculated down stem and diffused but it hit way smoother with the 6 arm precooler the helix might be over kill but it looks sweet
  11. diffuser beads are a waste man, plus you have some good diffusion going on already, dont think you need to add more:p
  12. i dont like em they provide unnecessary pull, Percs help alot.
  13. Ive never had experience with them, but I feel like they wouldn't do much and would make cleaning your bong a big pain in the ass cuz you would lose all your beads if you let water flow through the bong. You'd have to use a strainer or something hahaha seems like a much bigger pain in the ass than a good thing for your already pretty well diffused bong

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