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diffusion vs. percolation?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DFunktheHobbit, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. hey guys, i work at a shop and get a lot of questions about diffusion vs. percolation in bongs. i know the difference between the two ideas but which do you guys prefer in yer bingers?
  2. uhhh...percolation causes diffusion.
  3. uhh both?
  4. i hate how all the newbs work at head shops.....
  5. that was the impression i was under but when you got a bunch of people tryna tell ya different you start second guessin yourself. i'm just makin sure im tellin people the right information.
  6. Actually, it does. The smoke is diffusing from an area of higher concentration (External) to an area of low concentration (your lungs initially).

  7. Dude your science knowledge really sucks. Its not diffusing because that a natural process. Sucking smoke through a bong isnt diffusing in the sense like youre saying it is.
  8. I may not be good at science, but I'm good at arguing shit. And in the most abstract of ways, it is diffusion.

    However, on regards to OP, diffusion really isn't about how many slits, doughnuts, percs, or whibbyjabbits you can fit on your bong, it's about cooling the smoke. For example, my old acrylic 3 footer with just a regular non-diffused downstem drew smoother than my buddies 1 foot stealth bong with a diffusor stem, ashcatcher, and diffusor beads.

    Therefore, (from my experiences) diffusion is one of MANY factors that influence the draw of the bong, and diffusion and percolators can be useful, or shitty depending on how you use them and in comparison to other aspects of the bong.

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