Diffusion Stones

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  1. I'm from Rochester, NY, and there is a head shop there called Exscape. It's a good shop that the owner also blows his own glass is and has a nice brand of bongs (Flo) on par with Lux, MGW, etc. I bought a package of "diffusion stones" there recently. I was wondering if anyone has heard of these? They are pretty much marbles that you put in the down stem chamber and it creates a path for the smoke to travel through as you hit it. I personally have found them to be quite effective. I'm sure the same effect can be achieved with normal marbles but mine are nice and black and sleek :) Anyone heard of/own/have opinions on these? I'll post pics in a little if i get around to it.....
  2. Can use Airsoft BB's to. Better of going with an Alex K Showerhead downstem and then you dont need anything lol
  3. i got these small balls that expand in the water that does the same thing

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