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Diffusion Idea

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MountVapor, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Hey guys. Got a question for the forum. I just got myself a new water pipe, like a small zong knock off but I like it better due to how it holds. Anyway, I have a diffused downstem on it, but I had an idea. You guys know the stainless steel dish scrubbers (or any long amount of thin wire, or any other material without flavor) that could be used in the water to diffuse air bubbles. Would it work? You tell me!
  2. I say invest in a quality tube. Invest a lil bit of cash, and you will have the best tube you've ever smoked out of.

    I really don't have any input on what you want to with the dish scrubber, but it is my suggestion that you should be a nicer bong if you are looking for more diffusion. :bongin:
  3. .12g airsoft bbs will do exactly as you desire.

  4. I have had real nice glass before. I have a volcano that is my regular but keep this piece around for occasion. It's not the super clean hits I like, but the ease at with it clears after large hits. Glass breaks though and I am always pretty careful, but no one else ever is. Duely noted though, for real good quality bong hits, yeah, money into glass is nice. And I have another idea for what you can do with a dish scrubber! ;-)

    Man, I had some white ones of these that I had an my old pipe, and I worry that in this one, being a smaller pipe, that the weight of the balls would put to much pressure on the downstem. Good call though, I loved them for my large pipe! Sucks it broke. RIP Barrett.

    Now that sounds like an idea, being light weight and all. But I wonder about taste.

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    Yeah IDK. I imagine it would be safe since it's not coming into direct contact with heat, but my worry would be how it holds up long term. You don't want to be breathing in rust. For my mini-bong, I toss in tiny glass beads. I got mine at a Michael's Craft Store for around $3 for a bag of 100. I'm sure Walmart and Target have them too, just never looked. Mine are about 1/2 the size of a standard marble.

    I got it as a cheap diffusor too and if you get colored glass, it actually looks tight.
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  7. Where did these come from all of the sudden? I've seen like 3 threads in the past few hours, but I've never heard of them before:confused:

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