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diffusion beads

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SuburbanDankies, May 7, 2011.

  1. i understand how diffusion works, but i just bought a small bong and im wondering how i can make diffusion beads and what exactly they are! thanks
  2. Diffusion beads are mostly always found at the end of the downstem, You probably dont want to make them yourself unless you are an expert glassblower/cutter. So, it would probably just be easier to buy a diffused down stem. I found a video of a diffused down stem.
    [ame=]YouTube - ph(X) single diffused downstem bubbles[/ame]
  3. If you've got a few sets of anal beads, which I'm sure everybody does, just cut the string off, and you'll be good to go.
  4. I'm confused what you're trying to show us here, theres no diffusion beads in that video.
  5. I have some of those diffusion beads that are really small and made of glycerin. Its like little balls of jello that are blue. YOu drop em in near your downstem and there soft so they wont break anything ever and when you put your downstem in the move. They just break the smoke so there is more surface space hittting the water snd cooling it. Just like how diffused downstems make more bubbles, which means more surface space.
  6. sweeet, thanks.
    And my piece of shit bong is rubber sealed, so i can't changed the downstem :/
    is there anything i CAN do to add diffusion to this bong besides diffusion beads, which i think ill purchase? I just want it to hit better

  7. this .:smoke:
  8. Get a new bong.
  9. airsoft pellets work well for diffusion beads. as for your piece, beads are only you real choice here. you could get an a/c for it but i dont think that would help.

  10. where would i acquire some of these? if you think im paying $15 at a headshop for this shit then you're nuts
  11. Buy Water Beads | Water Beads i believe this is what he is talking about, fairly cheap and work well, these things expand pretty big so start out with a few.

  12. ......
  13. the airsoft BB's really do work, and there again they are fairly cheap, easy to clean. its a win win. they are smaller in diameter then the diffy beads you would buy at the LHS, which means you'll have more beads, which means more surface area for diffusion. if you dont believe me go to walmart spend $5 and find out for yourself. you can thank me later.

  14. i might be missing something but wouldnt you have to like drill a hole through them to get the bbs to diffuse? id image that would be pretty hard with those tiny pellets

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