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Diffusers, do they make a bong silent?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thedeadwalkk, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. So i've heard from some of my friends that a diffuser makes using your bong almost silent. Is this true?
  2. It would seem nosier if you ask me,More bubbling ya know

  3. true, but wouldnt there be less drag on the smoke? seeing as there more holes to go through instead of all being forced through 1 giant hole, which would mean you wouldnt have to suck as hard.

  4. It will definitely make it sound different, but will in no way make it quieter.

  5. does it sound louder?

  6. Depends on the piece I'm sure, but in my experience, it's pretty much the same amount of noise, just a different sound
  7. It's a higher pitched sound so it's harder to hear at a distance. But the loudness is about the same when you're hitting it. The loudness really depends on your water level though. In my experience beakers are a lot louder than straights.

  8. thats good then, im looking to use my bong more "steathily" on my balcony at night without having to wake anyone up or alert anyone to my presence
  9. i definitely feel like my bong got quieter when i put a diffuser in it... maybe im making that up in my mind but i really think it was haha.
  10. I think it makes bongs a bit quieter just because tiny bubbles arent as loud as big ones...if that makes any sense to anyone. haha
  11. My diffuser on my straight tube makes it sounds like a chopper powering up haha SO LOUD.

  12. For me, diffusers make it quieter but definitely not silent. They still make a noise.
  13. Less chugging, more evenly distributed pressure in smaller bubbles. So yes, quieter at least in my experience. But I don't worry about noise, I RARELY blaze without music :D

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