Diffuser Beads

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  1. I'm sure they aren't as good as a diffuser, but what are your thoughts?

    What if I wanted extra diffusing, could I use both? Would this be effective?

    Or, if I don't have a diffuser for a certain size bong, would diffuser beads be a good alternative? (One of my bongs is too small and diffusers are unavailable).

    Logically, this item seems as though it could present SOME functionality. I'm not sure just how optimal, though.

    On the converse, it also seems like it could just be a fad/cheap option that's just not as good.

    Also, do I have to worry about the beads cracking the glass of my bong?
  2. Good question, I'm wondering along the same lines..

  3. if you put it in glass just be careful and tip the bong on its side and slide the beads down the neck slowly
  4. I've been wondering about this too... Saw a pic of a Sheldon Black bubbler w/ some really small glass beads at the bottom of the water chamber. Looks like it would work great for diffusing, and after looking around online there are a bunch of spots where you can order 2mm glass beads (and larger, of course) for cheap. Seems like a pretty cool idea. If you've tried it before post some pics or advice!
  5. I look forward to any firsthand advice also. Thanks guys for the perspective, it sounds like other people are also interested. BUMPPPPP
  6. Diffuser beads are very effective. I use them for the same reason(my diffy is too long for one of my tubes) and they are great. I have used them with my diffy too, and it was ok. I have a holed diffy with 18 holes so beads arnt gonna do much. But I'm sure if your beads are small enough than it would add lots of diffusion to any diffy.

    I got mine at walmart, and they are really sweet. All different colors, with swirls and shit, and there glass. under 3bucks a pack. I bought a shit load though. They get gross just like any other part of the bong, and I just toss em instead of cleaning.

    excuse my poor grammar, hope this helps.
  7. They actually work better than most diffused down-stems.
  8. Check This Out, Hits Smooth As Hell

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP6vaK845JQ"]YouTube - RooR Red Lable Icecatcher Bong Hit, With Beads, Trippy Stuff[/ame]
  9. stones diffusion

    google it
  10. He obviously knows the concept and that they exist, he is asking for actual first hand advice.

  11. posting links here is a no no, which is why i told him to google the site. Has good information on their product and how it works

  12. I'm not sure if those beads are really doing anything. they need to cover the the whole area to actually do anything. those ones are just sitting on the bottom of the bong, except for the few floating.
    I've never used them but they seem like the could be a hassle
  13. Ye I Need To Get More I Dident Know How Much I Would Need.
    I Dident Even Think It Did Any Diffusion, I Just Thought It Would Look Trippy Wile I Hit It
    Then I Came On Here And Found Them:smoking:

    Happy Smoking
  14. Airsoft bbs work really well as diffuser beads.
  15. Hope this video answers your question to how smooth your barn can hit with beads in it


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  16. rocket.jpg
  17. So I never noticed how much of an idiot I was posting that video considering there is an even smoke going through the diffuser beads to show the percolation value sorry I dropped the ball on that one guys🙈🙊🙉

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