diffuser beads in an ash catcher

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  1. has anyone tried this and would you recommend it
  2. who the brave one to answer this
  3. Can't see why it wouldn't work.
  4. Yeah, you can do it. A blade on here had some glow in the dark airsoft bb's in his, and had a black light on while he took video. Looked cool as hell, and looked liked it aided in diffusion as well.
  5. I most definitely want pictures if you try it.

    I'd be down to try it if I hear that it's worth the hassle.

    Good luck duder.
  6. Never even tried diffuser beads, thats somethin i def wanna try. Can u just use marbles or something similar?
  7. maybe i will try it
  8. Yeah, diffuser marbles really are just glass marbless.
  9. it depends what kind of a/c you're using, theres this one called the phoenix a/c and it has a huge rubber cork on the top that you can take off nad put ice and shit, im guessing you would be able to throw beads in there.

    oh and check out an arts and crafts store cuz i found gangster ass red glass handworked beads for a bracele or whatever anyway they work and look FIRE
  10. Use either beads or diffusion stones. I don't suggest anyone use marbles unless they have some pretty thick glass, I compared a few glass marbles from my collection to my diffusion stones and they are almost twice the size. You need as many stones to cover the surface of the water and another layer submerged and that many marbles might add enough weight to break a tube or A/C
  11. it should work but i can see them getting dirty fast, i would just put them in the tube so the AC would catch the ash and not get them as dirty.
  12. I can't really put them in the tube because I have a beaker bottom so a/c is the next best thing
  13. My beaker is smaller than most (foot tall tube, beaker bottom diameter about 4.5") but I can easily use the small pack of diffusion stones because I never fill water above my diffuser, the diffusion stones need to correspond to the amount of water in the reservoir rather than the size of the bong. The large $20 pack of diffusion stones should handle anyone with a big beaker.

    Here's my bong with diffusion stones, the black is where all the stones and water end and the white is obviously all the space smoke has to flow in the bong after diffusion.


  14. So how do you empty all the water in that
  15. I saw a thread on some of the roor glass beads a little bit ago.
    I am using airsoft bbs. 6mm, you can buy them at most walmarts.
    I use them in my bong and in my bottle ashcatcher, works perfectly.
    The bubbles are so small, I never get any splashback. Very smooth too.
  16. airsoft bb's seem like theyd be great except i dunno if the plastic is ok to have in there. prob is since smoke cools down so much by the time it gets to the base chamber. i also might have some difficulty putting $3 of plastic pellets in a $200+ tube lol.
  17. How about the tiny metal bb gun pelets
  18. The ice notches are close enough to keep any of the stones from falling out when I tip it over into the toilet. If they weren't I'd just tip the bong water in the sink so anythat fall out just sit on the drain, bong water hardly smells when you change it after every sesh.

    Hope you don't accidentaly suck one of those up into your windpipe
  19. I had thought about the possibility of plastic being bad in the water.
    But I thought about it for awhile, and theres no issue with smoking plastic bongs, and theres no remote chance of me burning any plastic. So I concluded that it must be safe.

    How well they work amazes me, almost seems like a waste to have a diffused downstem.
    I'm using them in an ehle, they come in different colors so they actually can look much cleaner than glass beads.
  20. Go to Michaels, they have mini glass marbles for about 3-4 bucks and they work great. They come in clear and a few different colors.

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