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  1. ok so I bet this question has came up a few times but I recently just broke my diffuser for my bong which not really a bad issue it needed a different one anyway (wish it didn't break though). I just need to know what size diffuser I need to buy, on aqualabtech they show like 14/18mm 18/18mm I was wondering what the first number was and the second one, my bowl goes into the part of the bong in the pics just fine so im guessing that whatever size the diffuser will be will also be the same size as my bowl. thanks for the help
    this a nickel in the neck or joint (don't no what you call it lol),wont fully go in stops half way

  2. the bong is a MGW CLDP straight tube is that helps at all
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    I replied in the other post that I thought it was 18 but now seeing how you're checking with the dime...it's 14.
    You said the dime was half way in , I thought you meant like below on the right.
    , left is 14mm, right is 18

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