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Diffused downstem or no?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lcyStriker, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. i prefer diffused downstems, it brews the smoke more consistently and makes for a smoother hit
  2. I've also heard it's quieter, would you say so?
  3. It's definitely quieter. The whole idea is to break those larger bubbles into as many smaller ones as possible. The hit will be a lot smoother as you'll feel the effects of many smaller bubbles popping rather than fewer larger bubbles which release larger volumes of smoke when they pop.
  4. They do tend to be quieter, but it depends on the design of the downstem and the design of the pipe it is in.

    Non-diffused downstems have a real strong chugging sound to them because its just one big bubble after another leaving the hole at the end. Diffused downstems have more holes, so a greater number of smaller bubbles are leaving the downstem. Ones with many holes tend to have more of a purring sound.

    If you have a straight tube with no perc's the sound from the downstem is usually quite loud compared to a perc'd tube where you mostly hear the sound of the top perc (at least in my experience).

    As far as smoothness goes, diffused downstems will produce a smoother smoke because lots of small bubbles have a greater surface area to interact with the water than single large bubbles. This is all quite arguable and you won't find any sure fire data to support this for the most part, but it tends to be the general consensus among glass users.
  5. go for the diffused downstem. definitely makes for a smoother hit
  6. Get the diffused downstem, it is definitely worth the extra money.

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