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Diffrent Way To Help Not To Get Caught

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WeedConsumer, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. Ok here is what you do. Take an empty Papper Towel roll and then you put a Dryer Sheet in it, So when you exhale you Blow into the Paper Towel Roll and the smell is goin. I know that you can still get caught by other stuff but that is just an idea.

    Weed Consumer
    1 and a half Toker
  2. OOOOits all i can do to hold it

    thats a good idea.

  3. yep, called a spoof :)
  4. hey thats a good idea thanks!!!!
  5. i can clearly see the difference...

    hides in corner with highawatha
  6. i cut up a mini water bottle (holes in the botttom) and put like 20 sheets in there and a cut up deoderant stick... it works pretty good :)
  7. i just smoke..and light some parents know i smoke, but i always burn the it doesnt matter
  8. i just blow mine out the window, no hiding the smell or anything, just not letting there be any smoke in the room.
  9. I'm just a smelly stoner who accepts the smell of high quality ganj as an occupational hazzard! My Parents disaprove, but i still do it, just to improve canna-publicity, and to help cannabis normality! they'll come round soon, but it's not easy considering they don't drink booze, the government approved class A!
  10. I would recommend you put atleast 5 in the tube then one on the outside covering the end of the tube and put a rubber band over it to hold it on... that works flawlessly. I smoke in my room all the time with it and you cant even smell any weed. You just need to be careful about the smoke that comes out of the bowl after you take a hit etc..
  11. pee on it, hell yeah, put a little raid on it while we're at it
  12. and if your feeling lucky...poop on a donkey.
  13. didn't you just say not to poop on a donkey?
  14. lol instead of "kicking ass" the ass would be kicking you.... :D
  15. an ass kicking ass
  16. wtf?

    any more tips?
  17. dont inhale backwards through the spoof though, that can be rather disgusting and possibly harmful, remember to pull it away before you gasp for air.

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