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diffrent smoke off hits...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fldude420, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. hey gc got a question for everyone!
    sometimes when i smoke out of my pipe i notice certain hits have a stronger weed taste and not as much smoke as usual. this happens usually right after i pack the bowl on the first hit or so. i was just wondering if anybody out there gets hits like this and if there better or worse.
  2. If you get the taste off the first hit it's cause it's the green bit or the fresh hit
  3. thanks i figured, but what i meant was will that get me higher or anything?
  4. No it won't get you higher I wish but it just tastes better cause like I said it's fresh no smoke has been pulled through it
  5. okay thanks for the info
  6. Most of the hairs and trychomes (crystals) burn first and fastest which is why the fist few hits you should hold in longer.
  7. No problem man pack one for me it's almost 420
  8. I am gonna pack one here at work in the back soon :p
  9. Imo green hits get you higher. I smoke out of a one hitter the majority of the time and I feel like I get higher off it then I do my spoon. Its my theory since a spoon holds more weed (my spoon holds .5 grams vs one hitter holding .1 grams) that you light the bowl more often to take hits. Since THC is released by heat the weed loses potency each time you light the bowl. I do realize that the bud that is being lit turns into a hit but only the top layer is being burnt while the bottom layer is getting extremly hot and releasing THC that goes to waste. This is just a theory what you guys think?
  10. thats what i think happens too, i just was wondering if anyone had proof or anything but its good to know theres other people out there who think the same!
  11. The released THC then goes into your lungs with the rest of the smoke. How is it being wasted in any way?
  12. First hits are the best ones, thats why everyone tries to call A's, B's, C's etc.
  13. In a clean, dry piece, the first few hits always tatse good as long as you arent trying to rip it as hard as you can. Small, airy hits always taste best.

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