differnt smelling bud

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by gardener, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. so my plant that turned out to be a hermie smells weird. Not in a bad way. its very piney smelling but not in a way ive ever smelt before. it has almost a lemon scent too. I know most will say that its a good thing. but if i just smelled it blind folded i almost wouldtn even think that its MJ. its very stickey and is a VERY light green color even when dried. sound find? im prolly just worrying myself for now reason

    the rest of the plants smell like bud even from a distance but this one u really have to stick your nose in it and like a said smells more like a leafy plant than MJ.
  2. huh. my plant isn't even very stinky. do you know what strain it is?

  3. it sounds pretty good to me. i have smoked all kinds of herb over the past 20+ years. and i have had piny, skunky, lemony, fruity, grassy, and dirty. and i must say the first 4 are my preference. i think if it smokes well, tastes good, and has a nice high, its some good herb. :wave:
  4. Sounds beter than the dog shit smell I get from my plants at times.

  5. light green, lemony.... sounds like trainwreck

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