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differnt kinds of weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shifty, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. we all know theres are like 100000000000 different kinds of weed but what makes these weeds different? im not talking about the color, im talking more sense about smell and taste. what changes the smell and taste? is it the chemicals or the plant it self? the only reason im asking is this because if your vaping, your only getting the chemicals (thc) so would that mean when you vape you will always going to be tasting the same thc flavor (watever that is)?
  2. What you have to realize is that weed is really just a flower, and through breeding and selectrive breeding many different "kinda of weed" have been created
  3. the growing process has alot to do with it (indoor/outdoor, amount of lighting, soil, nutrients, temperature, etc.) and heredity has a bit to do with it too.
  4. erm im not really asking about how its breed or anything but what is the source of the taste and the smell. does it come from the cheimcal in the weed or is it the plant giving off the smell? like i have mention if you vape weed you only get chemicals so if the smell and taste comes from the plant not the chemical it would mean when you vape you will be always tasting the same flavors right?
  5. chemicals only come into play if you dont flush em long enough. i guess people say organic is the best way to get the best taste out of weed. different strains do have different disinct smells. everything has a role in how bud taste and how well it is.
  6. Oh mann, that is really confusing! try reading what you type to make sure it makes sense and is able to be understood clearly....anyway um the sourse of the taste/smell doesnt come from 1 comes from the flower (built up of resin).....all flowers have a smell for the most part..and all flowers have a taste if you burn them..for the most part...

    and when you vaporize weed you only get THC not "only chemicals" (of cource THC is the 1 chemical you get, thats why vape is more healthy). Indeed the method of ingestion (vape/bong/bowl w/e) sort of changes the taste/smell but that does not mean that when you use a vaporizer with diff types of bud they will all taste/smell the same. Each strain is still unique in its own way.

    ..i hope that made sense might be alittle confusing but so was your question..:hello:
  7. lol im sorry im kinda high right now and i thought it all made sense.. (lol it still does) but ya simply i was asking if i vape different kind of weeds, would i be able to taste the difference, but ya your answer does answer my question lol my bad
  8. no biggie, i figured you were prob blazed out of your dome (mind) hahah....makes sense how you managed to understand it LOL. you use a vaporizer for your sesh?
  9. yeah shifty you really arent making a whole lot of sense.... i kind of get what you're trying to ask..

  10. ya i been using a vaporizer for a week now and i was just wondering if the vape would still allow me to taste weed as if i smoked it
  11. wait... if you've been using a vaporizer for a week...... then why would you be asking if you could taste it...


    *lost all hope in human race*

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