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differnce between strains.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by typicaltommy, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. okay i have been smoking for a while, but i would usually just get the bag look at it, smell it, pack a bowl, bong, whatever and just smoke it. of course i flavored the taste and what not. im trying to figure out whats the deal about how you know what kind of strain it is, and the diffrences between them. p.s. dont hate :eek:

    any help?
  2. This is just me, but stains don't mean shit, as long as it gets me lit i don't give a shit what it's called.
  3. she thats how i was, but now im just like wanting to know as much as i can.
  4. bump i need help some guys.
  5. i dont understand what ur asking? are u asking whats the difference between og kush and sour diesl?
  6. I ask when I buy
  7. Apart from the obvious difference of chemical content (THC and CBD content primarily) I don't know what the difference of strains are.

    Perhaps it's just a geographic thing. Plants in india won't look the same as plants in europe as the climate is different - perhaps this is key?
  8. different kinds of highs.
    Most of the different highs depend if its Cannabis Sativa, or Cannabis Indica.
    Whether you have a sativa or indica, its either a head or body high, i forget which is which.
    Beyond that, its just level of THC / How high you get.
    hope that helps

  9. Sativa is the head high and indica is the body high.

    Though I stick by my original theory of geographic location and the land in which a seed generates will determine its strain.. a strain that germinates in a high pH soil over a few years may come to look different to the same seed planted in a low pH soil on a different side of the planet... though I have absolutely no evidence whatsoever the support that claim, it to me, makes sense. You may have heard of a little thing called, evolution?
  10. It's a turn off when a dealer uses names. Its a bunch of shit that person makes up unless you're buying directly from the grower. I really only know schwag, mids, dro, and kb :smoke:
  11. #11 cstonek, Nov 20, 2009
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    yeah around here its just mids, heads then sometimes the dank comes around which actually is pretty good though
  12. good question idk either. i kno there 2 types of bud saltvia and indi something. i forget the names im sure a lot of ppl here would kno wat im trin to say tho anyways one of them is a more upper high while the other is a lazy high. dont quote me on tht i dont kno much about what im talking about here

  13. I already said it. Its about 4 comments up in this thread.

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