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Differentiating Between Strains

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MrAmazing, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Before i was just an average smoker just looking to enjoy the occasional high but now that my marijuana knowledge has increased i'm venturing out more. I just got the app leafly (one that has a lot of info on different strains) so ive been reading a good deal on the strains and checking them out. One of the things ive noticed is that most strains all look the same theres not like a color difference (few have) or a distinct way (to me) that ive noticed that you can recognize the strain. I currently do not live in a medical state (texas) so i dont have access to a dispensary where i can buy whichever strain i want. Is it possible to be able to tell what type of strain you have/just smoked? I've noticed that whenever i vape i mostly get a heady high and its only when i set my arizer to 6-7 that i get that heavy body feeling for a little bit. I've heard different strains also makes you higher for a different amount of time, is this true or is it mostly dependent on tolerance?

  2. You can't really tell what strain you have by looking, but in general the most important effect on your high is quality of the bud ie. how it was grown mostly, the method you are using and your tolerance. Each strain will last different lengths and have different effects but mainly the biggest difference is if you're vaping, smoking or using edibles
  3. ohh so how are people able to differentiate strains without dispensaries.
  4. They don't. I fucking hate when people give weed a name when's it's not from a dispensary.

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  5. i know, i dont even care about names at this stage just as long as i get high im fine.
  6. If you're genuinely curious as to what cannabis can do for you, then I suggest getting that mmj card asap, if it's available to you in your state. Being able to choose which buds you want after drooling over a myriad options is simply the bees knees.

    That being said here are two typical strains from a dispensary in southern Cali.

    The first nug is gdp, an indica. Combined body and head high. Your body is in park, and your mind on cruise control.

    The second nug is green crack, a sativa. Mostly head high, but provides ample energy to get the body moving. Beware if you are predisposed to anxiety: your thoughts might race too quickly if not already adjusted to the effects of weed.

    Toke on.

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  7. It can be impossible to know if you havent been told but with some experience you could probably rule some out because of the high.
    Been smoking an oz of sensi star, its nothing like some of the other strains I've had, but if you gave it to me without telling me, nope! no idea.
    Your body is in park, and your mind on cruise control.
    I LOVE this. I will be saying it often from here on!

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