Differentiating between buds.

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  1. Hey guys! I pick my weed up off of distant friends and acquaintances! They never told me what kind or strain of bud it is but I am always extremely satisfied with my grab! I was wondering if Indicas ans Sativas have distinctive characteristics other then effects (ex. Smell, color, density etc.)

    Thanks a ton!:smoke:
  2. If you mean visually then I think no.
  3. Yes, if you have frosty leaves that are still somewhat intact you can definitely tell what the dominant species is:

    Notice Sativa's have more leaves that are skinny, whereas indica is the opposite.
  4. Thanks! Will definitely look for it when I get my 3g's tommorow! I will be posting the pics on this thread so please check and help me out:) thanks a lot !
  5. I'll check it out, things can get tricky when you have crossed species though.
  6. Very true. A lot of the bud I smoke will have me twitching a little but also definitely playing with my mind. What are some India effects?
  7. Indica is a body high (couch locked), where you just have a nice overall body buzz, not a head high. Sativa is a head high. When the species mix you can get both highs. If you have ever compared the two highs you could easily tell the difference. Smoke a joint of Sativa, then a joint of indica. I prefer the Indica highs much much more, but every once in a while I'll have some sativa. Whatever the dominant species is the highs will help.
  8. subbed just to see yer pics...
  9. Will be up tommorow!

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