Different Ways You'd Punish Justin Bieber

Discussion in 'General' started by dragon999, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Post the different ways you'd punish Justin Bieber.

    I'd shave his head and then hang him upside down and whip his ass cheeks with a bull whip until they were bright red. I'd tell him the only way I'd stop is if he sang "baby, baby, baby NOOOOO" while I did it.

    I dunno if this thread belonged in Music Hall or Pandora's box, so I put it here. I got the idea when I saw a post about how someone hated someone else called "lil b". I just think Bieber isn't as talented as people are claiming, and its perpetuated by him getting all the attention and coaching that he's gotten as a result. But maybe thats just my opinion. I think this thread should generate some funny responses. Don't post if you're gonna whine about the thread, it's not serious.
  2. Cut off his eyelids, tie him to the desert floor and force him to stare at the sun until he goes crazy.
  3. I would steal his lambo that diddy bought him for his birthday......
  4. I just want to publicly humiliate him.
  5. I have really no grudges against him or anything.
    He's a human being that is just trying to get paid like everyone else.As long as I don't have to listen to his music constantly,I'm good.
  6. ^agreed

    Kinda sounds like you have a closet obsession with the kid, op.. Whip his ass cheeks till he says "baby baby".... ?? Wtf..
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    I'd have the castrators reattach his balls. He'd be all in a deeper voice,"tear"

    Edit: i do not wish to see the above mentioned balls.
    It does sound a lil gay to say u want to punish him.
  8. Deadbolt a stainless steel chair to the floor.
    Chain Mr. Beiber in said chair.
    Place two Crate bv600h amps in the room with the knobs turned past 11
    Play all his songs on repeat.
    Wait for his perdy head to explode.
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    Same thing I was thinking...

    I don't like his music or him, but you have to respect his skills as a business man to make it bigger than a lot of us ever will
  10. Damn. What did he do to yall?

  11. Dam justin bieber stealing our jobs stealing our wives :mad:
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    He's a lil' douche, making bank, riding on no discernible talent

    It's easy to hate him.

    really though, I just felt like joining in with the spirit of the thread. Normally, I don't spare a thought for the Beebs
  13. Torture motherfucker!

    I'd f*****g tye him to a bedpost, put a hanger on the stove for like a half hour and put it in his ass real slow like...psssssssss...

    Lay his nuts on a f*****g dresser, and bang 'em shits with a spiked bat... BAM!!

    F*****g pull his tongue outta his mouth and stab the shit with a rusty screwdriver...BOW!!

    Hang him by his f*****g dick off a twelve storey building...

    F*****g sew his asshole closed, and keep feeding him and feeding him and feeding him and feeding him...

  14. Mmm justin, you need to be punished...

    *hits ruler on desk*
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    I just remembered discussion of violence is not allowed this thread might get closed.

  16. Thats the thing though you say as long as you dont have to listen to his music your fine, but there is no escaping the music of death. Therefore the only option our fellow blades have are finding cruel and unusual ways to torture him.
    I personally understand both sides. Justin bieber was just a little kid that saw a way to make more money than we ever will so he took that option (can't blame him). On the other side everyone else has to listen to his crappy music.
    So my solution would be to capture terrorist and not torture bieber but use him as the torture device. It's brilliant we never have to hear him and in fact he protects is from terrorist.:cool:
  17. I really don't have any negative feelings towards the kid. Hes a hard working kid, and is successful at what he does. That said the first post sounds kinda erotic.
  18. Yeah idk it might get closed:confused: not much violence going on here at all
  19. Jealousy is a nasty color.

  20. Why would we be jelous of having a dick :confused: atleast were not boygirls :D

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