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Different ways to hit a blunt?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by tiger144, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. I didnt know how to word the title. But I was wondering some tricks on how to get more high off blunts. Some of my friends do a shotgun where they lock fingers and then flip the blunt backwards and put it in your mouth and blow out to the person hitting it in your palms. We do that and down the river where you cup your hands, etc. So, I was wondering if anyone else has any techniques like that to hit off a blunt to get more high.
  2. The one where you put one end in your mouth and light the other end and then suck on it gets me so high!
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  3. I like taking multiple mini hits, instead of 2 big rips. I also ghost the shit out of my hits, hold em in for 5-10 seconds, and keep inhaling (like almost like ur gasping for air) before you exhale.
  4. try to hotbox with a blunt. i think it would be a very efficient way to smoke because you will eventually be inhaling the smoke thats coming off the cherry, therefore you will have alot less wasted smoke.
  5. Inhale normally, but when you exhale stop when you start to see smoke leaving. Then with the smoke in your mouth do a french inhale, then so on until your lungs are empty of smoke.

    Or just ghost every hit.
    Shotgunning is really the only difference.
  6. I was smoker with a dealer today who does the "hit the blunt while u still have smoke in your lungs" thing...i decided 2 do it jus cuz he was smokin me out
  7. Mine is kinda off topic, but it is useful.

    When I am smoking with nasty people like hobos, I hit the blunt or joint through my fist, so I don't contract a nasty disease...lol
  8. Or you could just not smoke with nasty hobos. Just a thought lol :D
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  9. them hobos probably be puttin crack in them blunts
  10. Why does this have so many view yet little views? :S
  11. Fucking idiot, thread is almost 3 years old. :rolleyes:

  12. well you tell my clock that, shit said it this was posted recently:rolleyes:
  13. Play Taxi.

    Hit the blunt, hold it in, pass it to your buddy. Once they've hit it, they hold it and hand you back the blunt. You exhale and then inhale on your next breath. Hold it, then you pass. Repeat.
  14. We use to do this thing where you put the blunt in your mouth backwards and then kiss a girl and steam roll all the smoke into their mouth lol it use to get me high as a bitch.
  15. I like to call it the french shotgun inhale you do the regular shotgun  (flip the blut backwards in your moth) but the recever must take all the smoke in there nose makes the smoke go strate to the brain like a gassmask   
  16. Wow we used to give each other shotguns in high school. It was an excellent flirting tool, if you do it with chicks, cause your mouths are so close together.
  17. Just not the way where you pull as hard as possible and boat the shit outta the blunt.

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