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Different Ways of Smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RK99, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. I smoke about every other weekend or so but im wanting to smoke a lot more and try different ways. I usually roll a blunt but i have smoked out of a bong and an aray of small pipes. Im curious as to what other smoking accesories are out there and what they do. If people could fill out these definitions and tell me what they do, as well as add on that would be very helpful thank you.

    I am curious to know how the following ceramics work and how they are significant:

    1.Bubbler 2.Taster 3.Bat 4.Slide 5.Ashcatcher 6.Any others that i should know
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    Idk WTF a taster is.
    But a slide and ashcatcher are pieces for bongs. The slide is the removable bowl and an ashcatcher is a seperate piece that is optional and can be expensive but all it does is add another level of water filtration. Some say it keeps your tube cleaner and others say it's just another piece to maintain and clean.

    A bubbler is basically a handheld glass pipe with a carb that has a water chamber extending from under the bowl. It has a stem going from the bottom of the bowl hole into the chamber, fill water over the end of the stem and when you pull from it it bubbles similar to a bong. It's just another type of waterpipe.
  3. well a bubbler is basically a bowl that also has a chamber for water like a bong but is handheld,a slide is is a bowl on a bong that can be pulled out at the end of a bong hit creating more air flow so the hit can be cleared,an ashcatcher is an extra chamber for a bong outside of the main chamber for extra cooling.
    you should definately try a bubbler, theyre my personall favorite:smoke:.
    welcome to the city btw:wave:
  4. Dude there's a lot to learn about all this.

    Learn about bongs and all the parts of a bong. Also find out about all the different kinds of pipes out there like Glass pipes, Wood, Bubblers, Chillums, 1 hitter bats.. It goes on.

    Check out the GC product section.
  5. He's probably referring to a chillum or one hitter.
  6. Then there is the steamroller, one of my favorites, which is a glass tube open on both ends with a bowl on top. You put your mouth on one end your hand on the other. Then you keep your hand covering the end while repeatedly drawing in air until it's nice and milky inside then you remove your hand and breathe it all in. Like a dry bong sorta...


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