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  1. Well I was wondering if someone could help me out cuz I'm new to dabs. I havnt been to my smoke shop in a while but I was wondering if you can post the different types of nails and how much they go for. Or just post anything I can dab on. I currently want to spend 45$ or less so please help me out
  2. You just want a nail? or you want a whole nail setup w/ an adapter, dome and nail?
  3. Just the nail I have the adapter and dome.
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    I assume you want Titanium, not glass or quartz? if you only have 45$ to spend and want a real Titanium nail i recommend the 39$ Ti nails from High Priority Glass. Before i got a V3, i used an HPG nail and they are a steal for the price. The 18mm's have a really deep head on them so you can take really fat dabs w/o it overflowing(more like a bowl than a dish). However they use less titanium in the fins, shaft and counter weight so the nails kinda small and short. It retains heat well for its size, but you cant compare it to a v3.
    Any nail for less than 30$ might be questionable quality, avoid ebay and other sites like that.

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