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Different types of Marlboro cigarettes?

Discussion in 'General' started by Candildo, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. Hey I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. So I don't smoke cigs but only recently I discovered that there are different flavors. (I was shocked)!

    So I know with Marlboro there are the Reds, Medium, Gold, Silver, then Menthol. But Ive seen marlboro containers that are brown and ones that are blue and then ive heard of 27s and 54s and something called marlboro smooth. Basically, could someone tell me all the variety of these marlboro cigs and how the flavors differ? Thanks! :D
  2. not really so much "flavor". different ciggerettes usually are rolled with different blends of tobacco. some are smoother while some can be harsh and give a first time smoker a headache. my advice...dont start smoking or it will be hard to quit like it is for me..
  3. just smoke up while ya can man dont let anybody convince you to stop unless you actually want to

    you may never get another chance :)
  4. haha alright but what are the different types of marlboro. i know there are like 27s and smooth but like what are all of them?
  5. US varieties
    Marlboro 72's
    Marlboro 100's
    Marlboro Red Label (Medium)
    Marlboro Red Label 100's (Medium)
    Marlboro Gold Pack (Light)
    Marlboro Gold Pack 72's (Light)
    Marlboro Gold Pack 100's (Light)
    Marlboro Silver Pack (Ultra Light)
    Marlboro Silver Pack 72's (Ultra Light)
    Marlboro Silver Pack 100's (Ultra Light)
    Marlboro Blend No. 27
    Marlboro Virginia Blend
    Marlboro Virginia Blend 100's
    Marlboro Special Blend Red
    Marlboro Special Blend Red 100's
    Marlboro Special Blend Gold
    Marlboro Special Blend Gold 100's
    Marlboro Menthol
    Marlboro Menthol 72's
    Marlboro Menthol 100's
    Marlboro Menthol Blue Pack (Mild)
    Marlboro Menthol Blue Pack 72's (Mild)
    Marlboro Menthol Blue Pack 100's (Mild)
    Marlboro Menthol Gold Pack (Light)
    Marlboro Menthol Gold Pack 100's (Light)
    Marlboro Menthol Silver Pack (Ultra Light)
    Marlboro Menthol Silver Pack 100's (Ultra Light)
    Marlboro Menthol Smooth
    Marlboro Menthol Smooth 100's
    Marlboro Menthol Blend No. 54
    Marlboro Menthol Blend No. 54 100's
    Marlboro Menthol Skyline
    Marlboro Menthol Skyline 100's
    Marlboro Menthol Special Blend
    Marlboro Menthol Special Blend 100's
  6. haha yeah i mean there are too many just go to your local place and ask about what kinds they have and shit they will tell u

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