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  1. I just walked up to a house my dealer stays at most of the time, it was dark and he didn't know it was me. He was gone as hell and had been leanin over a truck with a little gun in his hand and as I got close pointed it at me then was like "oh my bad let me put my piece up.."

    I just wanted to tell it.
  2. this is why you always let your dealer know your stoppin by;) haha
  3. Usually it's cool to just show up, because he's either their to do business or not but it still left me feeling odd, not scared just something new.. He sells everything under the sun always has a lot, so I can see why.
  4. what a captivating thread.
  5. yeah cool story bro

  6. Is your dealer a 'friend' or just your dealer?

    Are you sure he's okay? Like, he wasn't thinking of suicide or nothin, was he? That just sounds odd..."He was gone as hell and had been leanin over a truck with a little gun in his hand"...if he is a friend, you may want to check up on him and see if he needs someone to talk to or something...:confused_2:

    Even if he's not a friend, I would still check on him....simply because he's human

  7. This.............

    BTW....There's just something about cherokeeangel's personality and the things she types that I really like. Somewhere............. she's making some guy really, really happy, if only through no other means than her personality and nature.........

    Just sayin'

  8. Awwwww :eek:

    Thank you
  9. He's alright, not really a friend but we're cool, that type of thing. It's more business than friendship. He's not suicidal, he loves what he does..

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