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Different Strains?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Gibson01919, Feb 10, 2014.

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    How can there be different strains of marijuana?

    I understand there's a cannabis sativa and cannabis indica and a hybrid of the both, but technically aren't different strains just different varieties of sativa, indica, or sativa x indica?

    Let's say you selectively breed your own plant for your own personal use over time, wouldn't it still be the same plant just a little different?

    I compare it to dogs; the species would be dog (canine) and the different breeds are just different variations.

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  2. There's something like 66 cannabinoids that contribute to a high, different levels of each or absense of some can create different effects.
    But yeah I also struggle to fathem how there are 100s/1000s of different strains, shouldn't it be one super plant, how and why the original varieties came about is beyond me. I could say different climates etc could affect it but nobody really knows why cannabis gets you high so it's hard to say.
    You answered your own question here:
    Selective breeding.
  4. Eh but I still don't really believe in the different strains like people say sour diesel og kush purp kush...all just weed to me

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  5. yes each different strain is  just a variation of sativa to indica percentage for the most part. but theres also another (ruderalis) that is crossed with due to its convenience in growing. but as someone said before me, there are a bunch of Cannabinoids that produce the high. At its core though, its still just weed. which is why unless you're smoking 100% indica one hit and 100% sativa the next, chances are u wont be able to tell a HUGE difference without being told "ay nigga das some sour-purp deisel kush, not the kryptakronic hydro". obviously thats assuming they dont taste different.
    You must not know much about plants or genetics...I can assure you, they're very real.
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  7. Smoke a sativa one day, then smoke an indica another day. You'll notice the difference...the strain names get thrown around a lot, but youll notice quite differences in smell, looks, and overall effect.

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    This is how strains are different. I have a shitty camera but this shit right here nigga..... ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392117543.672673.jpg

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  9. That's like saying you don't belive the earth is round... These are facts not opinions, there are different strains... Believe it or not....

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  10. Whether you "believe" in different strains or not they are real.  I personally can tell a huge difference between strains.  Maybe 10 yrs ago when I didn't know shit about cannabis I really couldn't tell you what was what.  But being a med patient and having access to hundreds of strains I can assure you they all affect your mind/body in different ways. 
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  11. All those are are names, if I had a nug I guarantee nobody on Earth would be able to tell me what "strain" it is.

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    very true, I grow 15 strains and can look at the plants and tell my own plants but cant do it after the harvest and cure unless it it mine.
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