Different strains with same name?

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  1. I ordered some seeds this week...i bought five bulldog sour d and five ak star...they gave me ufo 2 & 3 fem , afghani kush 33 , and confidemtial cheese from reserva prevada..
    My question is have you guys or gals heard of any of these strains amd why is there ten different sour ds and is bulldog any good..
    I went to the actual bulldog cafe in amsterdam it was awsome..i had fond memories which is why I bought their sour d
  2. The chances that Bulldog have their own team of breeders is very slim. They will buy seeds from one or many of the breeders that produce in that region like Nirvana etc and then repackage them. They have only recently started selling seeds 12-18 months tops and they trade almost entirely on the fact the bulldog is one of if not the most well know coffee shop in the dam. It is a great brand that people know so they will sell seeds of the back of that name. Hence why you bought them.
    What will the quality be like - who knows?
    I would advise going with an actual breeder or one that is more established if you want the best genetics. Try Sensi, Dutch Passion, or if money is tight Nirvana or KC brains.
  3. ^^ or Mandala ( cheap), TGA subcool, Gage Green, Next Gen..^^
  4. We really dont even have a way to know if someone sent bagseed..that quote is so true..i asked for original packaging..but its not like bulldog created sour d so I just have to trust they didnt grab whatever and just call it that..
    I figured bulldog is well known and they have money so hopefuly they bought a good syrain of sour d..you see ten different ww and they all look dif to me..at least to me they do
  5. That's why there needs to be a breeder review subtopic. Give em ratings - strains tried, etc...

    So many regular breeders have similar product ogblagblah/afghani/white widow:etc

    That way at least we can get some third party review instead of scouring for a grow journal that usually just says te strain name which could have been by 10 different breeders.

  6. Yeah cuz honestly I have no clue what the hell im getting..i have actually grown the ak star before so I know its bomb..its amazing..but smokin some sour d I bought on the street then growing it myself I have no idea if its gonna be the same and actually I didnt know for sure I got sour d ..i was told it was but around here if you did.t grow it then you have no idea.
    Theres like 800 seed companies now and 4000 strains...half of em look like shit to me.
    Im dying to get some of subcools genetics..his shit is bomb..vortex and the flav look so nice.
  7. Yeah I put a suggestion in the forum requests area - got one mod to respond and said "hey that sounds good" they suggested I start a thread on it but I never followed through because honestly I hate junk threads and no one else responded so I let it go
  8. I dunno , if you do your homework its pretty easy to find good seeds IMHO.

    course I consider homework a couple months of reading and planing before you even set a seed, while others are cool with a couple hours web surfing.

    Also because it may be of use, write off any seed company (see definition below please) with out atleast 1 of 3 following things....

    1. A Breeder. sounds pretty simple , but guess what LOTS of seed companies these days do not have a breeder. And by Breeder I mean "Master Breeder". Thanks to legality issues many breeders "farm out " work, but in the end there is one person who is held accountable publicly. Best sign of a decent "brand name" IMHO :D

    2. Do they have a website with forums You can talk to someone about their gear. not all breeders are available ( or known ), but if they have forums it's a safe bet they stand by their work. ;)

    3. and last but not least , good ole word of mouth. look around the general growing forums ( GC, RIU, THCFarmer, etc) and search out grow journals for what your interested in ( strain,breeder , etc.). Not only will the reading give you an idea of seed quality, it will also give you a good idea of the plants needs for even better preparation. :cool:

    Also seed companies ( not all seed producers are breeders remember) can be ruled out by some simple observations. these take longer to see cause you have to work out tinfoil hatter/conspiracy theory:hippie::bolt: patterns. Like...............

    do some companies release new strains at the same time ? are those strains similar?
    example: Two companies release the same amount of Autos vs Photos in the same month, all with similar descriptions, but different names...bad sign IMHO :mad:

    Seed Company
    is a business that sells pack of seeds featuring one brand name, maybe many strains, but one "brand" that rolls em all up. examples are ( but not restricted to :p ) Femaleseeds.nl, Cali Connection, Dinafem, G13, W.O.S. , Mandala and even Bulldog :wave:

  9. When I run gear I usually try to give it a fair shake, I basically choose by clone success rate - regularity of cycle (I do perpetual) - quality/quantity - method/scrog/top/sog:etc

    Since I put so much effort into the seeds I pick I try to do as much research into the strain as I can.

    For me it would be a lot easier if breeders and the companies they either own or produce for and their particular strains were rated somewhere or at least reviewed - beyond having to scour all the usual spots which usually includes reading dozens of journals that have 40 or so pages of comments like "awesome grow brah"

    What better way than a sub forum on my fav Growing site
  10. Well im going start building a cloner tommorow and see if I can make a space to start keeping moms in. when I find the right plant..i want to get to the point where its perpetual..doesnt have to be a ton just enough that I dont spend money on it I can.. give to my kids..i wonder where I can find out where bulldog gets there seeds..i thought it said they have their own team of breeders..but im not sure..i have ordered many seeds in the past and they were all really good except white ice..hated that stuff..
    Bulldog must have a website..attitudes where I ordered em.
  11. If you haven't already check out rump's tutorial in the stickies. I used that for my cloner - takes up very little space and prob my most handy tool
  12. A friend and I built one out of a rubbermade bucket ..but that was a while ago and he did most of it..i remember it leaking like a bastard but it was amazing..you could root a wooden leg in that badboy...i never had filtration till last time so I dealt with constant bitching but now that she dont have to smell it shes like go for it..

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