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Different strains, different highs?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dennon21, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Hey guys long time since I been on here! Anyways I was just wondering if you guys could help me, I recently started smoking again because I quit drinking after being an alcoholic for years, I never could smoke because I had wet once or whatever it's called by accident where they lace pcp and nug anyways worst experience of my life mad panick attacks and I stopped completely because I didn't know at the time, fast forward to now, I got some really nice nug, crystals like crazy smelt like kush looked like kush the guy I got it from said it was kush, really nice weed and a really nice high I was always just lost in whatever I was doing happy and mellow with heavy eye lids it was nice, anyways I ran out and picked up some crap nug that wasn't trimmed right, looked like crappy outdoor and smelt like a barn... This weed however make my heart race and made me light headed and just feel really weird, now I wanna be able to go back to that other kind so I'm thinking indica is what I like and saliva is what I hate? What are your guys opinions? I wanna just be able to blaze that kind all the time and how would I go about differentiating between the two the next time I pick up? Cheers
  2. If you grow your own you'll know that it hasn't been tampered with and you have more control over the quality of your smoke, including the strain and type of high you're looking for.
  3. Sounds like you like the Indica strain a little more. Just pick up a nice indica and try it out and see if you like it then when you get one you really like go back pick up some extra because all the strains are different.

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  4. Go for the dank and leave the schwag. Danes gets you lit, schwag makes ya feel like shit.
  5. stick with indica, or a hybrid if you don't want to be totally zonked
  6. A good sativa will have you feeling like you're high on hallucinogens, and a good indica will have you feeling like you got brain damage, mush mouthed and couch locked

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  7. Sounds pretty normal to me. Heart rate going up is normal, as is feeling weird, I suppose. I'm guessing that part of it is your lack of tolerance and the rest of it is probably that you may be right and you might want an indica. Sativas don't agree with everyone, sometimes causing panic and/or paranoia. The indicas should provide a mellower high, more of a deep body stone than the heady cerebral buzz you often get from sativas. It sounds like that is what you're looking for. The best kind of sleepy buzz for me comes from vaporizing Granddaddy Purple (high CBD maybe?).

    As far as differentiating the two, I'm not sure how hard and fast the rules are when it comes to the appearance of the bud but indicas generally are supposed to be wider, fatter nugs while sativas tend to be longer and thinner. I don't have much faith that I could use this to make up my own mind based on looks (I live in a legal MMJ area so I can go to a dispensary), especially since there are so many different hybrids with various characteristics. It can be difficult when buying off the street since you can't even be sure they didn't make up the strain name or pick it up from the internet. I guess I am fortunate in that I enjoy the entire spectrum from sativa to indica. I do always like to have a nice indica for bedtime, though. There are probably many hybrids that would agree with you as well. Nearly everyone likes something like Blue Dream, for instance. 
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies!! And yeah we'll now canada needs to legalize it and I will be perfectly fine lol and I'm not sure if it's because it's sativa or because it's shit weed it just gave me a bad time when I smoked it so it's to the point where I do t even wanna smoke it, it's just sitting there collecting dust.. I'm going to try and find a really nice indica and see if that's what I like, like I said I like being fried just chillen lost in gta 5 or flappy bird or fb or a movie just fried feeling really good, not a care in the world, eyes are heavy as shit and I might take an extra minute to answer my gf lol after some googling I also came to the conclusion that indica is what I need well now I just gotta search! Thanks a ton guys!
  9. I don't mind what kinda weed it is, if it's collecting dust and you don't wanna smoke it pass it on my way, I'll enjoy the smoke for ya lol

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