Different strains and your tolerance.

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  1. So i've been smoking for about 3 years with all different types of strains even some as dank as Sour D and train wreck. So recently ive smoked daily (Chronic back pain) and have built up a pretty high tolerance to some good bud. But i ran out of that bud the night before. So i hit up my usual dealer ( A good friend of mine) but hes dry so i ask this other guy that i know smokes but i dont hang out with. He said that he would hit me up with "The best bud in NYC". So i go to my friends house and pick up half an ounce of some AK-47 (A Strain that i have never heard of Pretty hard to find in ny) and go on with my day. (It smelled dank as hell but didn't really look that appealing.) Later that night i pack a small bowl because my friend told me it was extremely strong. I took 2 small hits and was beyond high for about 5 hours. It was absolutely ridiculous, i could not even finish the small bowl i packed. SO im wondering does your tolerance change due to strain or is this bud just really strong?
  2. Don't know if this is possibly relevant but strangely my tolerance went down the more I smoked for a while. First time I ever smoke, felt nothing like most people. About the 10th time or so I smoked I smoked 13 bowls with friends and was ridiculously high, but now a couple hits off my pipe or bubbler and I'm higher than that night with the 13 bowls.
  3. That hasn't happened to me in a while but the same strain usually wears me out. I had haze the other day it was pretty good.
  4. i think this does happen to some degree as ive had a nearly identical situation. i smoke often and the stuff i usually get is pretty good, not great but high mids. anyways so i was smoking the same strain for about 2-3 weeks and my guy calls me up saying hes got some real dank. it was la confidential and 1 or 2 hits and i would be soaring. after smoking it 7-8 times i could take more so i think it was a combo of quality increase and just building tolerance to other strains
  5. I only vaporize .2 and i get retarded.
  6. Ive had that happen where I'll be near the end of a bag and think my tolerance is too high, then I pick up and get so fuckin high. I think its just tolerance to a strain.
    And it was probably really good fuckin weed!
  7. Def.

    I notice that I either become use to the high of a certain strain I have in or something.
    top of the bags are always stronger. Recently, i'v been mixing it up day by day.

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