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    So I planted and vegged some bagseed in April and I have 9 plants in the 3rd day of Flower, I ordered some seeds online ( Thanks Atttitude) and have them germing now,
    2 Church,1 white widow, 1 strawberry cough, and Quicksilver Auto flower.

    With the 9 bagseed plants I had them underneath a 400 wtt switchable MH during veg, I changed the bulb and now its a 400 wtt hps, When I veg the germing seeds I will have them under a 4ft flourescent that holds 2 bulbs and I also have two painter lights with 150 watt lights in them, My new veg room is a totally different room so no light leaks

    Okay my questions are

    1. Any idea how many males Im going to get with bagseed? ( I know a stupid question but guess would be cool)

    2.When my germing plants are finished vegging and I put them with the ones that have already began flowering is there anything special I should do or watch for? If my lights raised will I have to put my newer plants on a stool to get them light? My new plants are all feminized.

    3.I have no height limit in my flower room, should I even top my plants?

    4.I made a homemade co2 generator using sugar water and yeast and 2 liter will this help my plants or attract bugs?

    5.Im nervous bout sexing my plants should I be? Should I leave the fans off till I can determine sex?

    6.How many is too many plants for a 400 watt light?

    7. Why marijuana green? J/k

    Thanks for the feedback!!!:hello:

    Oh yeah and That Quicksilver Auto flower says it will start flowering based on age not light and begins flowering week 6 is it me or does this sound weird for an autoflower
  2. 1. it's pretty much up in the air. I just began flowering my first grow with bag seed and two plants and they were both male! :(. but You should have better odds if you have more plants.

    2. Not really. You should elevate them to the height of the other plants for optimum lighting though.

    3. I never topped mine but it probably isnt a bad idea to do it to one or two and see the differences, you know? might as well experiment...

    4. I have no idea man. I've never read of using this...

    5. No! The fan is very helpful at the start of the grow to build a better stem and a constant airflow is always good to have throughout your grow room.

    6. I would say I would to stick to around 5 or 6 plants. you could have more for vegging probably but for flowering I would keep to around there. but maybe someone else has an oppinion cause I only use CFL's so my opinion shouldn't be taken very literally.

    7. The chlorofyl (sp?) in the leaves reflects the light and creates a green spectrum to the eye.

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