different sicknesses on MC in israel

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  1. hello i am a new member to this forum and i am a new grower of medical cannabis from israel.
    recently i got some problems with my mothers section as u will see from the pics attached.
    some of the pics are problems already identified so you can help yourself with them.
    \t20141008_074836.jpg - outdoor had nematodes and due to that crown rot and whole plant collapse 
    _084527 - probably Ca deficiency not sure
    _081841 - ? 
    _072629 and _070203 - same plant with progressing problem i suspect iron deficiency.
    _065453 - ?
    _065547 and _065553 - same problem but what caused it?
    _070302 and 070519 - general look of the mothers section for now i just lowered the 9-3-6 fertilization and added Ca Mg fertilization.
    looking forward helping others in this forum as soon as we finish our trimming secession,


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