different religious beliefs between me and my GF

Discussion in 'General' started by T.H.C-ERRRDAY, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. So when me and my girlfriend got together 7 months ago, she didn't go to church, she used foul language, got stoned with me, etc.

    Now she is all into Jesus, like hardcore christian. like wtf?
    And me, on the other hand i'm more into the whole evolution type thing. seems way more believable than some guy with a magic wand who shits butterflies.

    she is trying to get me to go to church with her, and i'm just like nah i would prefer not to. so it always turns into this argument about 'god'.

    sorry dudes just venting she fucking, really got under my skin tonight after i said i wouldn't go to church with her
  2. Not respecting someone's belief is pretty much not respecting them. If she isn't willing to get off your dick about going to church, decide if you'd rather end it a 7 months or years.
  3. This. ^^

    "be not unequally yoked..." as the Bible states.
  4. Strong religious beliefs have caused the world so much tension. And honestly the best way to stop the arguing is to give in or separate.

    Good luck, brother.
  5. She shouldn't be upset. Christians forgive everything. She is in the wrong for being mad at you.

  6. It goes both ways.

  7. Fully agreed. That is why I consider myself atheist now for the most part. Religion drives people to argue, kill, destroy, annoy, and causes lots of trouble in general. Deep down we are all just humans, nothing more, nothing less.
  8. Give it some time my man.

    Back when I was dating this now ex, she was Christian and I was an atheist. It got to the point where she actually WANTED me to believe in that crap otherwise it wouldn't work. With time she got over it, relationship burned up anyways.
  9. Well dude when you think about it you have you're beliefs about the whole thing and she shouldn't be trying to force you to go to church. You simply don't believe in it and it shouldn't have to result in an argument. Just sit her down and talk to her and tell her that you don't believe in it and that she shouldn't be forcing her religious beliefs upon you and that you don't wish to fight about it or have it brought up. Either she will accept it or she won't and that's the choice she has to make.

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