Different regions, different cigars

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  1. I've pondered this a while; why do different regions of the states smoke different cigars for L's? in New England where i'm from, it's mostly all dutches people will buy and some also buy games. When i was in Vegas, the clerk said they only have swishers and white owl's and all us East Coast kids come out looking for dutches lol. In Maryland where i moved to they have a lot of swishers, some white owl's and very few dutches if any. idk really about the Southeast but i know that in Texas and that area they're all about swishers, my boy was from Houston. I smoked dutches all my life but i'm realizing now swishers are better, probably won't go back. The point is; why do different regions smoke different blunts? is it a matter of companies not selling in certain areas or is it a cultural thing? what do y'all think. I put a poll up to to get more solid information, take a minute to answer if you would please.
  2. Depends on availability and obviously demand. Swishers are by far the best known brand though internationally I'd say.

    In Canada we pretty much only have Swishers, Phillies and Century Sams to choose from and Phillies are shit so yea...

    I've heard from some American buddies from school that Dutches are the way to go though.

  3. yea i find that to be true as well. im from right outside of NYC and by far my preferred method of smoking is rolling up a nice dutch blunt. i love taking off the outer leaf and rolling it back on haha. But i go to school in LA and pretty much the only gars the natives smoke there are swishers, if any. most people dont even fuck with blunts and stick to bongs or dabbing. i think it does have a lot to do with the region, and availiblity

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