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Different people, different highs.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by AsianBlastaTRON, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Personally I just sit on my ass and feel like I move my body straight from my mind. I sit, stare and breath until a friend or someone else says something then I lazily react. Like 2 nights ago when a few friends of mine decided to hit this party that ended up getting raided by cops, (we left before that) I spent the whole time thinking in my head of the equation that let the wall in front of me be a wall and not something else like a vase. My roommate is almost the exact opposite, he's usually a buzzkill and always has to do something when high. I slapped his ass when he wouldn't stop playing with his car door locks to set him straight (1hr of shifts and clicks gets anyone pissed.)

    So what are you high?
    Chill, out of control, goofy etc.?
  2. (Totally should be in the stories section, but whatever, who am I to care)

    That's funny, because as I am high at this moment, I can see what you were talking about some imaginary code, to make something a wall.

    And how a sober person would be like "Why would you need an equation to make a wall?"
  3. for some reason whenever i get high alone i always end up like cleaning my room or doin my laundry or some shit
    idk i guess i like to be productive and get shit done
    but when theres nuttin productive to do i mellow the fuck out haha
  4. #4 AsianBlastaTRON, Jun 9, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 9, 2009

    Haha same here man, when I hit a bowl by myself I usually get started with my day faster. One time I even managed to get to work 45 mins earlier! But since I didn't really know what to do but just sit in the parking lot (I open and have a morning shift) I got a joint pre-rolled out of my glove compartment and started tokin.:D
  5. haha. normally when im high i try not to be overly lazy (like do sum shit here or sum shit there) but im always mellow as fukk. and im pretty talkative when blazed

    im fukkn blazed :smoking:
  6. Alone, I will stare at nothing and just kind of...meditate.
    With other people, I smile a lot and move very slowly.
  7. Me I like to play with my kids and go out with the family, my wife tells me that she don't mind cuz am mellow and more loveable towards her
  8. I really usually get chill. If I am in a really good mood I'll get a bit euphoric. Usually it relaxes me and most of the time people around me do not realize I'm baked.

    I enjoy more relaxing at places. Sitting down, having a cofee, talking with friends. I have a friend who is the complete opposite, he wants to walk all the time. We still manage to both have fun even though.

  9. I hate being high around a couple of my friends because they act like assholes, or just flat out annoy me and it's a big buzzkill. I like smoking with a few of my friends but other than that I mainly do it alone.
  10. Me, I'm the sociable, lovable smot poker ;)

    What irritates me is some of my friends completely zone out and I wanna talk about stuff (current events, relationships, just joke around and make fun of each other LOL) and all they can do is sit down and zone out and say "damn I'm high" 11ty times every 5 minutes yet not say a word about anything else. I know they're happy and content (smiles all around) but dammit I want some intellectual stimulation LOL :) So i end up getting online on my phone and chatting with someone else on AIM LOL.

    Other thing is my friends are used to shytty mids and I come through with fire all the time so when we smoke their stuff they're LOL'ing and talkling and I'm just getting a headache LOL but when we hit my fire (usually strains like Alaskan Thunderfuck, Romulan, OG Kush, various purps) all they wanna do is sit and smile and eat up my doritos LOL. Its ok I still love them :smoking::D:hello:
  11. Currently I'm sitting in bed smoking a bowl, and am really enjoying that, as it's raining out and I just came home a while ago. Listening to some Dead. Very nice.

    While other times I find myself smoking joints while walking around the woods talking with my buddy(s).
  12. When I'm alone, I am productive (clean the kitchen, laundry, etc.), but with friends, I love to mellow out and watch movies or listen to music.

  13. Omg I'm high too & that's the exact same thing I thought when I read this!
  14. When Im by myself I love to just chill out on the comp. and listen to some chill music (Usually Bone Thugs, Tom Petty, Bob Marley, or Shwayze)
    But When Im with people I like to go on adventures to find new places to smoke.

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