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different kinds of weed weigh different?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Syrup Sipper, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. so i got a gram of gran daddy purp and when i got it, he didnt have it weighed out so he said he could jus eyeball it when it's inside tha bag then i heard him say that gdp weighs heavy. another day i picked up some purple kush and more gdp from him and there looked to be more purple kush than gdp. so does gdp really weigh heavier?
    and he gets his stuff from cali, guess either he has a medical weed card, or knows someone that does
  2. different weed can weigh differently. Some buds are more dense or moist then others.
  3. Its not really a strain of weed weighs heavier than another. It depends on how compressed the weed is. The nugs could be compressed and weight more, or they could be real fluffy and light.
  4. yes different herbs can have different densities. denser buds=heavier buds
  5. From experince, gdp is very dense........ Dont know bout the purple kush though......
  6. this guys right, but the strain matters too. some of the same strains can be different but if its killer they tend not to put it in brick or compact it.
  7. aight cool
    thanks guys : )

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