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Discussion in 'General' started by johnnyd, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. I didn't know where to put this thread so i will just put it here.
    has ne one ever actually gotten high off of ne of these things

    Peanut skins
    Banana peels

    If so what happened and how did u do it?
  2. peanut skins have never done anything to me. To prove that point, i smoked about 6 bowls and a joint of pure peanut skin (6 bowls from a nice bubbler). Dont know what else to tell you, it just did nothing!
  3. what the hell? Peanut skins and banana peels?! That's a little extreme isn't it? I'll just stick to smoking cigarettes when i'm out of bud...
  4. i read on erowid (i think) that eating an ounce of nutmeg makes you hallucination for 24 hours. i'll try to find it now
  5. yeah nutmeg will do something if you eat a TON. i haven't tryed it yet but people i know have said they kind of feel like theyre drunk, but its a little different. takes 4-6 hours to set in and then can work for 12-24 hours - what i've heard from *multiple* sources
  6. ya it supposably makes you trip, but it also makes you feel like shit... according to people who have done it and according to erowid.
  7. has ne one ever heard of or tried moonflower
  8. never heard of that is it on erowid?
  9. i dont know
    i just saw it somewehre that this guy smoked some of and totally started trippin out and he woke up the next day in a hospital.
    i dont know how tru this is tho
  10. Ive done nutmeg, and it does work...its not as trippy and psychadelic, although i have only tried fresh ground nutmeg

    this does work, and it is NOTICEABLY not a placebo effect
    it creeps up on u like crazy, then ur high for the next 8 hours...wut i usually do wus eat a bottle of that shit b4 i went to bed then when i woke up i was pretty high

    its cool

    but its disgusting

    Just smoke green tea, smoke salvia, do dmt, do morning glory

  11. personally, id rather smoke peanuts or bananas than cigs...but that just meh

  12. not until today..

    Teens overdose on Kansas plant

    Kim Hynes
    KWCH 12 Eyewitness News
    Monday, October 17, 2005

    Teenagers don't need illegal drugs to get high. A plant growing freely in Kansas may be enough. The Moonflower produce the same effects as LSD and more kids are finding out about it. But police say they want parents to know more because teens don't understand how sick it could make them.

    As the sun beams Monday at Botanica, the Moonflower shies away. The nocturnal white blooms grow freely in Kansas. But lately it's known for its poisonous seeds. "It's a hallucinogen that affects your muscles and part of your central nervous system," Derby Police Lt. Jimmy Queen said.

    Three Derby teenagers found that out recently. They overdosed after eating the Moonflower seeds. "The kids came home stumbling, slurring words, and their eyes dilated. The parents knew something was wrong so they took them to the hospital and let us know what was going on," Queen said.

    Queen says parents should talk to kids about the plant. The Moonflower is not considered a controlled substance, but it is illegal to sell for illicit purposes.

    Dr. Mark Rogers says if you eat too many of the seeds they can kill you. He says if you think your child is acting strange, take them to a doctor. Symptoms show up within an hour after taking Moonflower seeds and last for up to two days. They include confusion, anxiety, hallucinations, blurred vision, flushed face and thirst.
  13. where would i learn more about moonflower?
  14. hell yeah... i wont go too far to start smoking banana peels...
  15. netmeg deff works. ive tried it
  16. is moonflower the same as morning glory?
  17. nope, morning glory contains lsa, i might be completely wrong though
  18. i dont know about the banana peels stuff. supposedly its called bananadine and its what you scrape off the inside of a peel. you then boil it till its a paste spread it on a cookiesheet and bake it till its a black powder.it takes 3 or 4 joints for its "effects" that are supposed to be like crack to kick in. but i dont know if its legit. it was in the anarchist cookbook.

    edit: look what i found http://www.erowid.org/psychoactives/humor/humor_bannanadine1.shtml
  19. i havent done ne of those but ive heard to ONLY do nutmeg if its fresh, none of that canned shit

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