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  1. Do different types of pieces give you different highs? Obviously more smoke with a bong over pipe so you get higher.. I've only been smoking pipes/joints for the last 2-3 years, haven't smoked a bong or anything like that in a long time and don't necessarily want one. But I do want something other than my pipe.

    Reason I ask is because I want to really experience the the strain I'm smoking. With a pipe and lighter I feel like I'm not getting that.
  2. I smoke from a vaporizer more often than not, then save what I've used to make edibles. It gives you a nice high and you can use it for other things!
  3. What kind of vaporizer? I used to have a pen for bud. Ended up getting a bubbler and so far so good!
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    It's the Arizer Extreme Q, never had an issue with it and we use it constantly.
    That's awesome! I'm glad it's working out for you.
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  5. Oh thats nice!
  6. Bubblers are nice bc it filters the smoke well and also portable

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  7. Yeah and I think using a hemp wick has made a difference too
  8. It is probably mostly placebo.

    I've gotten different highs with the same bong and same weed smoked at different part of the day.
    And I've gotten the same high smoking different weed out of different bongs.
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  9. I thought about that, or maybe because it's a different way of smoking than I've been used to. So far I don't think it's a placebo but I agree with you about the state of mind and part of the day it is.
  10. Haven't smoked out of a bong in a while but I noticed my best highs were from that. All of my pieces give different highs to some degree. My vape gives me the cleanest high, my gravity bong gives me a very intense and quick high that usually makes me very tired after it, my pipe gives me a regular high I guess I'd say. Not much different from a blunt but I usually avoid blunts. Can't comment on my bong for a good comparison since its been so long but it was hella enjoyable.

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  11. I don't really notice a high-difference per say unless im vaping. To me when i vape the high is much more intense and a lot cleaner feeling. Just a step under taking a really solid dab.

    Joints, Blunts, Pipes, Bongs, Bubblers, Apples, Chillums, One-Hitters, all the regular combustibles have the same high but obviously effect you heavier depending on how much of the hit you inhale etc. Pipes are usually a tad harsher than bongs, but since the bongs are smoother and often hold such wide chambers, your lungs fill up with more than they are likely used to (if you're an apprentice smoker), giving you MASSIVE hits. And also making you hate yourself for not bringing some cold water along or a frosty coke zero.
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  12. I would rip some bong tokes. That will absolutely put a new perspective on anything you are smoking. The bigger the tube, the bigger the change in perspective :metal:
  13. I don't agree at all that someone said joints, blunts, pipes, bongs, bubblers, and chillums give you the same high. No way. But here's a quick rank:

    1- Vaping
    2- Bong (The taller, the better)
    3- Bubbler
    4- Pipes, Chillums, etc.
    5- Joints and Blunts (IMO a waste of weed because you can achieve the exact same high for 1/4 the amount of weed if you just use a bong lol)

    ~Legal MMJ Patient~
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  14. If you want to see how much punch your weed has. Get a water bottle 1.25ltr or 2ltr and put a hole at the bottom up about 2cm. Put a CP in the lid. Fill the bottle with water up tithe neck. Screw on the lid full of weed. Let your finger off the hole slowly and light the weed in the CP. control the water flow so it doesn't pull your weed through. When water gets just above the hole. Put finger back over the hole. Unscrew lid and suck up that smoke with your finger off the hole. The water will bubble and you will get so stoned anyone would think your from China.

    Been smoking this way for years and it's the only way to get stoned.

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