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different fertilizing times...

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by pohsib, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. i have a 20-20-20 that i am going to use for vegging. i have two different fertilizers for flowering. i have a 15-30-15 and a 10-52-10. what weeks of flowering will be best to use the 15-30-15 and what weeks should i use the 10-52-10?
  2. how often do you fert? And 20-20-20 may be a bit strong i always use like 10-10-10 or below...
  3. actually, i am starting my grow in about a week and a half. i am only gonna use the veg fert at half strength the first few times i fert. i am planning on ferting maybe once every two weeks...think that is a good idea?
  4. the 10-52-10 would be good for flowering, i would use it maybe your first week into 12-12. but then again you may want something with a higer "k" number.

    20-20-20 is a bit much for new vegn plants. they really dont require much of a feeding first couple of weeks. after that, i would use the 20-20-20. or even the 15-30-15. if you have more than one plant, mix up you feedings. see wht likes what better. have a control group.
  5. yeah, i am not going to veg for the first 25 days (think i read that somewhere)...just going to use superthrive till then.
  6. i meant to say that i am not going to fert for the first 25 days of the plants life...

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