Different dimmensions?

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  1. Today in my math class, my proffessor got off topic and started to talk about the different dimmensions that exsist. Shadows are a part of the second dimmension. We are apart of the third. So are we all just shadows of the fourth dimmension? If our universe is in the third dimmension, are there more that exsist outside of it? Think about it, there could be an infinate amount of dimmensions that exsist, and our brains are only allowing us to see a small part of it. Comments welcome.
  2. Concerning math; the four dimensions are length, height, width, and time.
  3. Mathematically speaking that's the current idea for the minimum number of dimensions. When taking physics, I learned to think in a slightly different way about something that most people take for granted. Gravity. I can now envision the force of gravity as space (lenght, width, etc) bunched up or spread out. Then think of traveling along a plane at a constant speed, when you hit the spot that's bunched up, you travel over more space then you do when traveling over spread space. The space gets more and more and more bunched as it gets closer to a gravity source. We already know there are bunched and bulged areas of space; we have observed it in science. It doesn't take much to link a bunching of space and mass. These can kinda be considered as extra-dimensional properties if you look at it right. I don't know how many dimensions there are. There could be infinite or a few, we really only know so much and and only speculate so far on our abilites.
  4. Alternate Dimensions this could explain things like ghost, your not seeing a dead person , or you could be seeing someone in another dimension, but I am kinda stoned and dont know.
  5. I got 4 Dimmensions in my mind..... I know You were talking about math But seems like evertime i get Some good Sativa I end up thinking about..... I see things Differantly When i am Stoned Drunk Sober and Asleep. Each one puts me in a differant Way of thinking Which to me is a differant Dimmension.
  6. Geometrically speaking, the three dimensions are:

    line = one dimensional = length
    plane = two dimensional = length and width
    space = three dimensional = length, width and height

    Since our realities are based in the third dimension, it's hard to fathom what another dimension might be like, whether it's the second dimension or the 5th Dimension! As far as the 5th Dimension goes, it's hard to fathom how they could stand to wear those matching outfits?!

    "When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars!"

  7. I agree with what you said. Its diffiuclt for humans to imagine another dimension because when we imagine the 3 dimensions in our minds we sort of form a vague picture or area consisting of space.
    Different dimensions can be so many things that are not physical, non tangible, and totally not in these plains of existance. I may be completely wrong, and stoned right now, but i think even dreaming and our cognitive thinking, and conciousness are their own planes of dimensions.
    Tripping and smoking, drugs that can in a sense take you to a completely new plain of thinking.

    .....dont forget, im just stoned and jusing my own sense of reason to explore the many aspects of the universe from the comfort of my own chair =)
  8. my room mate has said that scientists have decided that there are at least 11 dimensions, but we don't know how to do shit with them.
  9. Ask him where we could look at the info on those 11 dimensions. im kind of interested to learn a little about em/
  10. heh the only thing i have any exposure too of this sort is from star trek lol so...ya who HOO
  11. i think that when u die u go to a different dimension...and i also believe that we are not the only inhabitants of this planet...we are just the only ones that we can see and interract with coz our brains just cant fathom that sort of shit yet...

    i think this is why some people report seeing ghosts and some never see them...apparently people that experience psychic phenomenom use a part of their brain that normal people dont...we need more time to evolve yet...
  12. ok whoah...

    different planes of existence...

    your spirituality reflects them...

    but even explaining your spirituality clouds the truth behind it...

    this has been my experience
  13. Hey babe :D ya wanna send me some of that ya smokin ???lol

  14. must be all the fukn seeds in it.....lol...
  15. i watched this documentary about the super string theory recently, it proposed that at a sub molecular level, there are 6 dimension wrapped so confusingly around each other, that movement from on plane to another can happen less the instantaneously, which would mean molecules are niether in spot a or spot b at any particular time, but at both, and niether, all at the same time.

    very cool stuff!!

    wheres toosicks!? im sure hes got some cool opinions to add.
  16. Um the 4th dimension is time....
  17. There was a 3 part special on Nova a few weeks ago that tried to explain the new and improved Unified Theory.

    Einstein worked on this theory for about 50 years and never was able to get the math right.

    What they think now is that the smallest particle (smaller than atoms or molecules or quarks) is a 'String' of energy.
    It has no mass but is the basic ingredient of EVERYTHING.

    The 11 dimensions that the Math requires for this theory to work are like slices of bread in a loaf. Each slice is a dimension and due to the fact that each slice is made up of strings, we cannot be aware of the other dimensions.

    Gravity is the force that keeps the strings and higher forms of matter grounded to that particular slice.

    Go look at the PBS website. There might be something on String Theory there.....

  18. i was reading stuff about everything actually being made up of energy and not mass. it was really interesting. y'all look up zero point field on google and see if you can't find anything about that. It's kinda neat.

  19. From what I hear, that's the main reason Marilyn McCoo went to doing Solid Gold, just to avoid having to wear the matching outfits! Great career move!
  20. i havent read much of the posts before this but i have a few things to say about physics and dimensions. there is a very populat theory out there tight now called the superstering theory where there are 12 dimensions. the reason for 12 dimensions is inorded for any thing in math or sciende or what ever to make sence there has to be 12 dimensions. these dimensions how ever are so incredibly small that we cannot see or feel then because it is smaller then the smallest particles known to man. an wasy tway to explain this is to look at a telephone wire frim a distance. it appears to be only 1 dimension:length. but when you get closer it becomes 2 dimensions:length and height. then when you are up close maybe within 10 feet or so you can see all 3 dimensions:length width and height. this same principle alpplies to the subatomic particles.the smallest particle that is known to man is a photon. we know this because with somthing called an electron microscope wou send photons out of a device and bounce them off of objest and the way that the photons come back tell you what that object is. when you try shooting photons at thing that are smaller then a photon you cannot see it but we know that it there.and all of a sudden when things get this small matter appears and dissapears from no where. sciencce cant explain why this happens unless there is 12 dimensions. they think that the other 8 dimensions are created by the particles that make up photons. these are the "superstrings". the way these make up matter as whe know it is they vibrate in certan directions in space. these particles are so small that they can vibrate in and out of other dimensions inorder to create certan types of matter. this is of course not known for shure because if you shoot a photon at somthing smaller then a phton it wont tell you what it is. any way i feel that it is possible to trave in dimension through these superstrings. but we wont beable to do it until we discover a way to see te superstrings. if we ever can. i hope you all understood that. im not gonna bother spelling checking it cuz it would take too long. just figure it out. late. toke up

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