different cfl types

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  1. so ive read up on all the different types of cfl's and i dont really know much about them. extremely low budget and low grow space, i also heard they are good for lst? im using cool whites 45watt for veg, and idk if i should keep them the same when i change to 12/12 or should i get a different kind of cfl for flowering? let me know.
  2. i am no expert but for vegging you would want 6500k or daylight bulbs and a total wattage of 100 or more per plant. when you flower and go 12/12 you would want to use 2700k soft white bulbs....thats all i got
  3. yup just as kayakush said, those are the type of cfl's i use, vegging daylight cfls at 5k and 2700k soft white cfls for flowering
  4. alright well i didnt use any daylights ive only used soft whites and its 5 nodes up 5 inches tall. the nodes started growing about halfway up the plant but i was thinking about topping it. this is my 2nd grow so idk much. im also going for a LST grow.
  5. ya im projecting 4800 lumens rite now. so for flowering i should just use 2700?
  6. use the soft whites rated at 2700k for flowering

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