Different bud structures? Newbie needs advice!

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  1. Hey guys so I have three plants which 2 of them started to flower. The only problem is that one has better looking buds in general with thick hairs while the other has thin hairs and I was wondering if it's something on my end that I can fix to make the thin hair buds look better. I do everything the same with all my plants. Ph water, fox farm ocean forest soil, using grow big and big bloom fertilizer as of rn, 600w hps, 24h cycle. Below I have pics the first one being the better of the two and the second pic is the thinner more fragile looking hair buds. What do u guys think? IMAG0152.jpg IMAG0151.jpg
  2. Did they both start flower at the same time?

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  3. Look like totally diff strains to me, so you may just be dealing with genetics....every plant is different even if you have 2 beans from same strain

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  4. They're both green crack auto flower and yes they flowered around same time
  5. Definitely just different genetics...... same strain different phenotypes

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  6. It's a little known problem with genetics in general and especially plants from seed. Just because you bought green crack seeds from the same place doesn't mean that each plant will turn out like the last one. The differences in offspring between the same genes is called variations in phenotype. They can vary wildly. Some plants of the exact same seed can behave with traits from sativa or indica because over 90% of modern strains are hybrids of the two or even three cannabis species in the case of ruderalis or autoflowers.

    Think about a couple you know with several kids. Chances are those kids are very different from each other. The same is true for cannabis.

    This can cause someone to get a completely bad impression of a strain if they get a bad example of it. "I tried growing White Widow but it totally sucked!". Well, maybe the one you had sucked.

    If you read in depth on a certain strains characteristics one of the things that is sometimes mentioned by breeders is the basic different phenotypes that result from the seeds. Sometimes one is stretchy and tall while it's sister is short and stout. The maturing times can vary.

    This IMO is one of the problems with auto flowers. You can't really clone them. Each crop you have to plant seeds and roll the dice you got a good phenotype. With photos you can sprout 100 seeds and pick the very best one to reproduce over and over again for free with the same characteristics. You can find that golden plant with the most desirable characteristics and hold on to it. You can give copies away. Screw buying seeds every crop.
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  7. Another thing is until they're done you never know. You may end up liking the one with the thinner pistils more in the end. I'm growing Crystal (white widow x northern lights), Wonder Woman, and White Rhino this crop. They're all different. The Wonder Woman has the best looking buds with nice thick pistils sort of like you describe. The Rhino has thinner stretchier buds and it looks like it's going to take way longer to mature so smaller colas. But, I'll tell you the Rhino smells like heaven. I can't wait to smoke some of that. The Wonder Woman smells good but the Rhino smells like it's from the gods. I can't tell at this point which one I'll like better and I may like them the same for different reasons. It's all relative.
  8. Very well said T-Bone ...... I have two different phenotypes of THC bomb flowering right now one looks much better structure than the other but you never know so I got to wait till they're finished flowering to determine which cut is the keeper

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  9. Thanks guys really appreciate it

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