Different Bong = Different High?

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  1. I own 3 bongs personally, 1 is a True with a 3 tree perk system about 26 inches, 1 is a Tsunami Helix bong about 18 inches tall, and I have one Homeblown bong with a circular diffuser 3 perk system and very nice glass worth about 900 dollars. i noticed that if I begin to mix either of the Perk systems with the helix that you get 10 times higher, then if you had smoked just one of the bongs with the same amount of weed, I was wondering if anyone else has any input on this or ways to take it to the next level? Because it has basically gotten to the point where i'm not even high unless i smoke about .7-1G out of my bongs, I need help getting higher!
  2. .7 to get high!? That shit would cost a fortune!!! Unless you grow yer own. :confused_2:

  3. no dude havent you ever heard the saying "A gram a day keeps the Doctor away"?
  4. How often do you smoke? Sounds like you need a t break...
  5. i feel like a .4 joint is the same as .2 in a bong (glass + 2footer)
  6. thats not that bad, its only an ounce a month, or a quarter a week which i've read on here most people do, but going higher would cost a lot, might need a t break if thats the case
  7. I feel like a real smoker reading this thread. I don't think I've ever just smoked .2g.

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