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Different blunts, different highs?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cyric99, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Hey all. Alright, so my normal blunt to roll with is the Vanilla Dutch. It's perfect in so many ways. :cool:

    Recently, I went to a gas station I don't normally go to, and they didn't have any dutches. So, I decided to try out a 'Swisher Blunt XL', strawberry flavored. It rolled up easily enough, but burned very fast.

    Anyway, my high was completely different with the Swisher then with the Dutch. I rolled up 4 Dutch blunts with the same bag a few days before (4/20), and none of them compared to this one.

    I was much more energetic then I usually am, it was just a really different feeling.

    Do you think different blunts can give different highs, or was this just some fluke?
  2. You are an idiot.
  3. How am I an idiot...? I've never gotten a high like that, only the one time I smoked a swisher. I'm just jumping to the obvious conclusion, because I didn't change anything else in my normal smoking environment.

    Don't post retarded shit in my thread, thanks.

  4. If you want to make posts like that go to a forum where it is acceptable.

    We don't talk like that here.
  5. Something like that happened to me i was at a store that didnt have white owls or dutch masters so i was like fuck, so me and my friend picked up a boz of phillies and for some reason it wasnt that enjoyable of a high compared to dutches and white owls but i really dont know why it happened it might have been the poor quality of the cigar.
  6. fuck that guy

    maybe because the swisher burns more fast?? i dunno. either way, if your smokin these blunts by urself, ur gonna be really fuckin high :) would be a lil hard to distinguish the high, no??
  7. By changing an ingredient in your regular smoking routine there's a possibility it will change your high. Smoking a joint will be different than smoking a bong. Paper doesn't get you high but the smoking from the paper is going into your lungs just like the smoke from the bud and both will get into your blood stream to some degree. There's no reason the material you're smoking out of can't change your experience slightly.

    Of course, there the very simple explanation that the Swisher may have had more nicotine than the Dutchie and the extra stimulant changed your high. Any thoughts on that one?
  8. No, it was noticably different. I've tried many different drugs, and I don't usually get the 'normal' effects. For example, when I tried acid, I didn't see any color visuals or anything like my buddies were getting, I just kept getting pounded by lots of thoughts, and I kept slipping in and out of time, I dunno.

    Same with the MJ, It's a different experience, and this one with the swisher was definitely different. It could of just been something that happened in my life that changed the high, who knows.

  9. That also seems like a possibility. Maybe I was so used to dutches, that a new type of blunt just changed things. Anyway, thanks for the constructive replies besides that one guy. :wave::smoking:
  10. i know EXACTLY what youre talking about i get different highs from different blunts also. My favs are the Honey/Vanilla Dutch or the Silver pack of Backwoodz they seem to add more of a stoneyness? to your high. i hate those philly blunts their too harsh and burn too fast, like these blunt wraps they came out with over the last few years. they suck too burn way too fast. theres nothing like cracking a Fresh Dutch
  11. Yeah for sure, dutches are they best imo. I hate phillies as well, they have a certain unpleasent taste to them.
  12. I always buy grape white owls, or honey dutch masters
  13. That second post, although ignorant, made me laugh for some reason.

    Personally I didn't notice a difference. I haven't smoked a lot of blunts in my day, but one weekend I smoked 5 different flavours and didn't notice anything, but I'm not sure. I highly doubt it would chemically change the high, but maybe the different flavours affect your mindset in a different way, therefore setting the mood for the whole high?
  14. If it burnt faster you probably just got a different high from inhaling more weed quicker, giving you more of a buzz than a mellowed out high, am i right?
  15. What an idiot.

    Nah I'm just playin yo I made a funny, thats a very valaid point, and if it isn't the exact reason, I'm sure it played quite a noteable role.

    I'm high. Very high. REALLY high.:D
  16. Its the differnt kinds of tobacco, basically
  17. No disrespect, but thats disgusting. I mix my joints with quarter of a cigarette to make it smoother or if im running low on weed, but mixing tobacco with blunts? Thats disgusting, why would anyone want to do that? It takes away the whole point of the blunt
  18. Uh... I don't mix blunt tobacco with bud if I'm rolling a blunt. :eek:

  19. you are beat my friend. please dont have children
  20. I don't think anyone said they did... But anyways if someone did who really cares? I mean OMG someone put tabacco and weed wrapped with tabacco, shocking. Ive never done it, but thats cause Id never smoke cigs, there just dumb.

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