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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kaizerreich, May 27, 2010.

  1. I've been reading these forums for a few months, took me a while to make an account and I don't post too often, but I thought i'd bring something up

    I'm from a place called New Zealand, and the way that we do things over here is waaaaaaay different to the US.

    One of the biggest things I noticed was that around here, all the people i've met just buy weed. I've never heard anyone speak the words "mids" or "dank" in real life, ever. Nobodys going around saying "Oh I bought a bag of -insert name here-'". If you asked a dealer what strain you were buying, there's not much chance you'll get an answer.

    One word that comes to mind that we use is "skunky". Other than that we just refer to it as good stuff, bad stuff. There's only been one exception for me, which was one day when a friend of mine gave me alot of money (about 500 nz which is like 350 us I think? not too sure). At the time he was out of the country and I had his card, so he told me to just roll up to an ATM and get it out. I got all the money out and was with 2 other friends, so we went on a bit of a shopping spree. We'd set money aside for weed and were going to score later on that day, so that was taken care of. All of a sudden a lady walked up to me on the street and said "Hey, I like your shirt. Wanna buy some weed?". We were all kind of shocked and she said "Oh it's all good if you don't. Sorry to bother you", but we told her we'd buy some and she pulled out this huge bag full of tinnys (i'll explain that later) and we bought 2 off her. She said it was Afghan Kush. Smoked it and it was fucking great.

    Anyway back to my starting point, differences. Blunts. They are nowhere near as popular as in the US, I presume that's because NZ doesn't have all the rappers that smoke blunts and glamorize them like in the US. That being said, people do smoke them still, but not the way that's most popular in US. I've never bought a cigar and done it that way, nor has anyone I know. We just buy blunt wraps from shops instead :D

    Now seeing as this is getting long i'll add one last thing, tinnies. The way the majority of people buy here is tinnies. The standard price is $20 nzd, although i've heard down in the south island they go for 25, and for that you get a line of bud wrapped in tin foil. The quality and size are very variable, but alot of the time you get ripped off. It's supposedly meant to be a gram, but everyones out for a buck here so you're usually getting slightly under. My dealer's are around 0.75 but I don't mind because it's great stuff for my area, and he delivers also so all I have to do is go outside to grab it :smoking:

    If anyone made it this far and didn't find this interesting then sorry for wasting your time :p
  2. wow that all just sounds awful
  3. You sir do not make me want to visit New Zealand. What ever you do don't get a job in the tourism industry.
  4. Yea im not going to lie that doesnt sound to great.. even if names of strains are bullshit (and they usually are) you can know if your getting some shit, regular heads, or some dank exotic stuff. And the most someone will skimp you that i've ever heard of is like .9 instead of a full G. unless your buying an oz then sometimes itll be a g short. prices arent too bad here either if you know people. and whats this about tin-foil? haha i've never seen weed delivered in tin-foil. that seems so sketchy.. haha.

    All of that aside however, im a sucker for nature when im zonked and NZ is literally my dream place to live :)
  5. Cool guy that delivers lol. But yah sounds like its hard to get good in NZ. I dont like blunts much so i dont really buy them much. I probably wouldnt visit unless it was to go see some cool southern hemisphere wild life lol.... i like kangaroos
  6. Yeah the tin foil thing seems really strange to me. It's pretty stupid really cause if you're doing a deal and someones looking then they'll most likely see a flash of silver and know whats going on. But nobody really cares so it's alright, i've never been snapped or anything but I usually just smoke at home. If you get caught though then the cops are dicks to you.

    We don't really appreciate our nature here as much as we should, but that's because it's absolutley everywhere and everyones been brought up around it. There's a pretty cool little waterfall that leads up to a lake around my house though that me and a few friends went to see one day and we just got high the whole way up, it was really sweet.

    Another thing, the weed here is actually great if you can get your hands on good stuff. Most people can score but it's not often good.

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