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Differences/similarities between alcohol and marijuana

Discussion in 'General' started by Scapegoat Adams, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Differences:

    can make you quiet, paranoid, "stoned" feeling of having your mind wander off

    typically makes people louder, makes things dizzy and blurry, can blackout, get sick etc, can kill you, cant drive while drunk

    both make you laugh, both can make you sleep, both make music sound better, both can be used as a "love drug"

    Add on to this list grasscity!
  2. Differences:

    Marijuana has a pleasent (at least for me) hangover/afterglow

    Alcohol has one of the worst hangovers

    both enhance almost everything in this world for the better
  3. i agree witht he "pleasent hangover". if you feel anything the next day after baking, its more of a tired feeling that goes away after like an hour. alcohol hangovers can last all day.

    its crazy how people are against marijuana yet drink like crazy and think a big hangover is no big deal. its like "bitch, look, marijuana is not bad for you and alcohol is killing you, ok?"
  4. One is used to get women into bed.

    The other is used to get em' out.
  5. It is more fun being drunk.

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    Weird, i feel the opposite. I only started smoking like 3 years ago, and maybe once a month, so every single time i smoke, i get zoooted.

    Im more used to alcohol and can control it a lot better


    Marijuana: i think everyone knowns im high (in reality they can't tell)
    I am such a paranoid driver and sweating balls when driving, extra careful

    Alcohol: i think i can play off being drunk (i am visibly drunk)
    I am a cocky speeding driver, i think i can drive fine (i don't do this anymore), thanks to marijuana
    i kno its a bad habit too
    Similarities both will fuck u up if caught driving under influence
  7. you cant deny driving high is A LOT easier than driving drunk. i have only drivin after drinking ONE time. i was very concentrated on the road and tried my best not to fuck up. on the other hand, i have never had problems drivng high. maybe when i am beyond blazed, but then i just completely focus on the road and all is good.

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