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Differences between names of weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sqbullet1219, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Yo guys, ive always wondered how people can tell if its a diesel, kush, OG whatever. How do you guys differentiate the differences?
  2. Over time and getting the same strains multiple times you just start to know what's what.
  3. They have distinct smells and when you get them enough, you start to remember the scent with the name.
  4. So itll be just a personal thought about each that reminds you of each?
  5. If they are the legitimate strains, they will have certain characteristics that pertain to that strain.

  6. Thats what im trying to find out: what are those characteristics
  7. There is no difference; dealers use generic words like "diesel" and "kush" to make their product seem like it's higher quality.

    Unless you are buying from a medical dispensary, all names are 100% bullshit and you should laugh in your dealer's face.

  8. I guess i shouldve made this clearer haha.. Im a patient from socal so yes, im talking about medication
  9. Oh, very nice.

    The differences are pretty random, just think of the difference between a red and a green apple; its kinda like that, both are delicious, it just depends what you like.
  10. Different weed tastes differently.

    Different weed smells differently.

    Different weed give different highs.

    Some buds also look different. Put a sativa bud next to an indica bud, the indica bud will tend to be much thicker (more dense) than the sativa bud.

    Once you start smoking more weed, you will be able to differentiate what is what. It's very easy for me to differentiate a sativa high from and indica high and if I don't know the name of the strain, once I smoke it, I may be able to have some type of idea of what it is.

    It all comes down to experience.

  11. well that's not true.
    not everyone buys from 15 year old kids.
    the real dealers in california make it their business to hook people up so they will be back for more instead of switching to a more reliable dealer (and there are ALWAYS more reliable dealers)

  12. I understand all of this stuff, im talking more of the name subgroups with in the two strains.. like diesel is to sativa, how kush is to indica and so forth (most of the time).. what is the difference between say an OG, and a kush, or diesel and another sativa (too stoned to care for the second one) :)
  13. There's a show on youtube, The CCC, I started watching their videos and I've learned a good amount about weed.
  14. Some people get played hard though when it comes to names. My friend swears he only smokes "Kush".. The guy is an idiot. He pays outrageous prices for mids that barely get me high when he pitches.

    I get what my dealer calls White Shark, knocks me off my ass, andI pay atleast 20-30 bucks less for the same amount he gets and he refuses to smoke it cause its not "kush".. Although that means more for me I guess.
  15. I dont deal with dealers though and havent for a while. i just go to the club and get what they have, and i have to admit, only about 50-75% of their names contain diesel, kush, og, or anything else
  16. Genetics and THC/CBD/CBN ratio.

  17. Wrong...Some dealers are growers who know what they are growing.
  18. I can tell if its medical or not by smoking it... Name wise, not so much. Name that floats around Naples a lot is Fire, and we have a lot of it.. But it does put u on ur ass, hit is a lil harsh, but that shit will drop you.

  19. Lol...
    Fire just means good weed.
    "Got that fiya"
  20. Alright so there isnt a real definition for the words in the names?

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